Review: Monitor Audio Gold Reference 10 Monitor

Category: Speakers

Knowing full well that speaker reviews are more subjective than the other aspects of audiophiledom, I will submit to everyone my satisfaction with the Monitor Audio Gold Ref. 10. Having said that, I will also submit that I got a deal on these. There are so many choices at the $1000+ price point that it would be difficult to choose. But to find these as floor models for $695, there was nothing close . . . the original tube amp setup with Triangles was simply too forward and placement was most finicky. The devil was in the detail, so to speak. In comes the RG-10 and all the worries of the day subside. What a speaker! Great imaging and soundstage. More than ample dynamics. Good balance throughout the frequency spectrum with the usual monitor bass caveat but it is ample and fine for my taste. I find myself gravitating to the listening room daily if only to imagine Eva Cassidy or Kate Rusby singing to me. My search for speakers has ended. Give them a listen and yours might too.

Associated gear
Jolida 302b
music hall CD25

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