Review: MIT Shotgun S1 1 meter pair Interconnect

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As listed in the similar equipment I have heard column I have owned and listened to a large variety of cables. I only listed those cables I have actually owned, not just those I have listened to. I have a fairly diverse musical taste. I listen to everything from Lyle Lovett to Dire Straits to Diana Krall to Run DMC to Chris Isaac. I do not listen to classical, country or much rap, but most all else comes from my speakers at one time or another.
Important aspects of sound for me are that a cable or component does not leave anything out. I like imaging, staging, love neutrality, and appreciate detail. There is not anything that bothers me like leaving something out. I would rather have a component or cable that gets everything 90% correct than one the excells in everything else but only images 50% right. I enjoy a complete package.
I have had the MIT Shotgun S1 Interconnect & Speaker wire in my system for about 1 month now. The MIT Shotgun S1 series replaced MIT 330 Shotgun & 750 Shotgun cables. The cables are just completing their break in process, and really opening up since I first installed them. The main reason that I switched from the older MIT cables to the newer MIT cables is because of the variable impedance networks on the newer series. With the new Shotgun series if you change components you have an adjustable switch on the cable that lets you change the impedance it is designed for, no need to replace cables anymore. This is a huge strength in my opinion for MITs new line up.
I was not really expecting an upgrade in performance when I installed the new Shotgun S1 series. I mainly purchased them to gain the advantage of having adjustable impedance networks because I was in the process of changing some equipment. Boy was I surprised! These new MIT Shotgun S1 cables have all of the great MIT characteristics and more! Before switching to MIT I used to constantly search for the best cable, and experiment with changing cables all of the time. One cable was good at imaging, one had lots of detail, but none had enough of all characteristics. The MIT cables are extremely neutral, sound beautiful from a tonal standpoint, image extremely well and provide a huge soundstage. They will get the best from connected equipment, there is no doubt about that. When I switched from the older 330 Shotgun to the new Shotgun S1 I found that the soundstage opened up even more, depth was greatly increased, imaging was slightly more focused, and the extreme low end has more weight. I have not found any weakness with any of the MIT cables that I have used. If money was no object I would own these MIT cables and many additional MIT cables including the Oracle series!

Associated gear
Sony 333ES SACD player
Rotel 1060 preamp
Marsh a200s amplifier
MIT Shotgun S1 speaker cables

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I agree 100%, MIT makes a great cable.
I heard the S1's demo'd off of a Meridian G08 into an all spectral/MIT/Avalon system...whow!!! I bought the Meridian G08 and the Shotgun S1's for my system...also have an order in for the M2 speaker cables...can't wait!!