Review: Mistubishi WS-65859 Video

Category: Home Theater

This television is incredible. The HDTV receiver is awesome. HDTV signals from over the air waves blow away a progressive scan DVD!

65" is plenty big, although they do make a 73" screen if 65" is not enough.

My model is the Platinum Plus Line. The Diamond Series is Mitsubishis top of the line. I did not think it was worth the extra money for the Platinum.

Plenty of inputs in the back for both component video sources and super video. Also plenty of inputs for multiple antenna sources.

I also looked at the Sony rear projection units. Mitusbishi had a much cleaner and crisper picture. The Sony also did not come with a built in HDTV receiver.

This unit makes an incredible video source for Home Theater. I would highly recommend. Very pleased!!!

Associated gear
Yamaha RX-V1
Klipsch Cornwall I
Klipsch Heresy I
Klipsch Heresy II
Denon 370 HDCD
Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD

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