Review: Ming Da by Pacific Valve MC 34-AB Special Clas

Category: Amplifiers

Test records: Steely Dan-Asia, Rippingtons, Tears for Fears, Boz Scaggs Harbor Lights, Yes remastered, Thompson Twins, Dire Straits,

Most Important: freedom from listening fatigue
Worst: ears ring from high frequency burn-out

It's not rocket Science to see Pacific Valve (Chicago,Il area) has satisfied "the bug" for me for YEARS!
Every piece I've replaced has represented better value-
Ex: raved about Classe 60 Solid State preamp selling new 20 years ago for $3K - Doge 8 from Pacific valve @ $1500 walk all over it!

DAC-for a lazy person like myself that doesn't want to bother with records-WHAT A BENEFIT in terms of clarity,info reveal & open sound stage.

Further Electrocompaniet Solid State AW 220 Amp ($2500), touted as "perhaps the best sound amp ever'-cut me a break...Pacific Valve's Ming Da 34-AB Special the difference between a 3D movie with & with out the glasses.This Amp has tremendous dynamics, particularly in The Ultralinear mode-it's upper bass region BLOWS AWAY The EC-I may be looking for sub 8" replacements for below 100hz.Sound stage & detail of information is BETTER THAN EC WITHOUT THE HARSHNESS.KUDOS TO JOE FROM PACIFIC VALVE! Checkout his Site @

Associated gear
MHZS tube CD 66 by Pacific Valve
Hafler DH500 bass amp (approx. 400w/channel into 4ohm laod)
Lite DAC 62 modified by Pacific Valve
"Home-grown" speakers...
Dynaudio 5" bass-mid
Morel 1" tweeters
Gold Sound (4) 8" drivers/side-pentagonal box
Gold Sound modified electronic crossover-variable, set currently @ approx. 80Hz @ 24db/octave

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