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$475 for a 1 meter pair.

As you know, and if you’re reading this review I’m sure you do, finding the "right" IC for you and your rig can be a somewhat daunting task. So many choices and really no way of knowing if you're going to like the signature sound the cables deliver until you actually hear them in YOUR system, but the only way to do that is to buy and sell until you hit the sweet spot you’re looking for. That, my friends, can add up to a pretty penny in a very short period of time and we won’t even speak of the tedious burn-in process required.

So what to do? Well, if you’re like me, you read all the reviews you can lay your hands on and speak with others who share your tastes then pray you luck out before the bank account and/or your patience runs dry! To my great relief, that's exactly how I came across these marvelous IC's from Michael Wolff. Honestly, I didn’t expect these cables to replace my Grover UR’s as I’d been using them for some time and really, nothing had wowed me to the point of even considering a part with my Grovers. The UR’s had a nice sound that really just sat well with my ears and after going through so much just to find those, I didn’t want to rock the boat and bring in another variable which, as we all know, isn’t always a good thing.

Yet, the reports were there. The whispers in my ear continued…”you have to try these cables”…”you’ll be smiling from ear to ear and so glad you did”. Hesitant and somewhat skeptical would describe my mindset when I’d began considering the purchase of these interconnects. On several previous occasions I’d bought into the hype surrounding the “flavor of the month” only to be greatly disappointed or feeling as if I’d made at best, a side-step instead of an upgrade in the sound and performance my equipment was giving me. So it was with more than a bit of trepidation that I ordered a pair of these new IC’s from Michael, and I’m so very glad that I did!

As we all know, technology, creativity and design modifications never stop…in any field but especially in audio. Something newer and better is always just a step away and in some cases, it comes quicker than you expect. Enter the Michael Wolff Cables Silver/Gold/Carbon Interconnects.
In researching these cables, the first thing that I wanted to look into was the conducting medium used. Previous experience with certain silver cables left me fatigued and somewhat “ear sore” due to the bright/harsh presentation. Some of the copper cables I’d tried left me…well, bored or feeling like something was missing. Turns out what was “missing” was carbon! Michaels cables use ultra-pure silver and 24K gold conductors as well as carbon. Why carbon? Simply put it helps suppress the effects of EMI/RFI noise. Michael also has a process whereby he treats each gold and silver conductor with carbon as well. The end result is getting the best properties of each conductor and when these are amalgamated, the result is quite stunning!
Build Quality
This is one of Michaels strengths. Probably one of the most attractive IC’s I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first hand. They just look “high quality” and they are. One of the frustrations I’ve had with some other cables is their rigid nature and the fact that they can be somewhat difficult to fit in behind your gear in certain spaces. Not with these Wolff cables. They are extremely flexible and very light weight. A true joy to handle. Speaking of handling…I did not get the impression from the weight and flexibility that these IC’s were “fragile”. They have a solid feel and scream “quality”. Adding to that is the use of the WBT deluxe connectors. Once placed you have little to fear in terms of something pulling them loose from the jack. Firmly locked in place and only a lightweight and flexible cable tugging on them. Sweet!

So, how do they sound?

A great running debate in headphones is the alleged presence of the infamous “Sennheiser veil”. As the argument goes, you’re listening to music but there’s something between you and how the music really sounds. It’s trying to get through but just can’t seem to punch out. While I won’t debate over the presence or absence of this trait, I will say that I’ve owned many a cable that gave that very same impression always leaving me with the thought that I was missing something. When I was using the Grover cables, I’d found a cable that simply allowed all the sweet details of the music to come through and that it simply couldn’t get any better or could it? Well, with these new Wolff cables, I see that there is indeed “more” to the music than what I was getting. Not to say that there’s an over-the-top presentation but simply that these cables let the music come through as intended. Not stressed in any way but more of a relaxed, effortless presentation. Everything is there in perfect proportion.

One of the sweetest and most noticeable characteristics that these cables possess is that they allow the music to “bloom”. I became more drawn into the music than before. I attribute this to the impression that I was hearing such a different presentation to almost be at the point of feeling like I was hearing my music for the first time. I know this sounds like so much hyperbole but really, I was taken aback as this great a difference wasn’t expected. More texture, deeper and more impactful bass. A shimmer and sheen to the highs that I’d previously not experienced. The mids were velvety smooth and as impressive as I’ve heard from my present setup! As for soundstage, the Wolff cables took that to a new level as well. I’ve never heard any of my cans sound so good with any other IC tried to date. Every quality was very impressive indeed!

While the other cables on hand were quite nice and very pleasant, I knew that something was, indeed, missing when they were in my rig. The only conclusion….the Wolff cables were simply giving me more of what the gear was putting out and they were doing it in the right way. Nothing strained and nothing overdone. In short, my cables were no longer a bottle neck to the presentation.

Yeah, I’m gushing over these cables but the Wolff IC’s gave me more depth to the music, more involvement, better bass, better mids and generally more of everything. In spite of this, there’s no overload to the presentation. These are the least fatiguing cables I’ve ever listened to. Just so lush, smooth but in no way “boring” or muddy. Mids are simply honey sweet and just the way I like ‘em!! The detail, PRAT,’s quite amazing the these cables can do so much and do it so well and effortlessly! You want to mellow out or get into some classical? Well, the Wolff cables will take you there on a red a totally smooth, lush and emotionally involving way. You wanna rock out? The Wolff cables are more than adept at taking off the white gloves and replacing them with those 9 oz. boxers for a marathon head thumping session!

Never did I imagine that I’d spend this much money on a pair of IC’s because as many have claimed “wire is wire” but in the end, I was more than happy to buy these sweet interconnects because once I’d heard them, I knew there was no way these cables were leaving my system.

In conclusion, these have become my reference interconnects and have a permanent home in my rig….well, until I start hearing those same whispers about his newest creation with the Acrolink connectors.

Do yourself a favor and email him about these cables. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you hear it for yourself. Thanks Michael!!

Associated gear
SACDmodded Sony SCD-555ES SACD player
Eastsound E5
Moth Audio 2A3 amplifier
Singlepower MPX3 Slam
Grado PS-1
Senn HD650 with Zu Cable
Grado RS-1
Thanks for your review. As I inhabit a lower priced point in the Audiogon continuum, shall look forward to someday hearing yours used when you upgrade to a newer creation from Michael Wolff since such a great designer never rests on his laurels for long.


Is mister Wolff still alive ?

Or is Wolffaudio still in business ?



Michael Wolff died about 8 years ago, company no longer in business. I have the ICs and a few power cords, very good quality cords.