Review: mfspdesigns CRR100M KLOTZ MY206 Interconnect

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Larry finds an interconnect that just about made him Klotz

Larry darted into my office with an excited smile, and said, "Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, I just found an interconnect that just about made me Klotz". I looked at Larry and said, "don't you mean you were about to plotz?" Larry chuckled and replied,"yes, but i thought that would be a good title for your review!"

The mfspdesigns CRR100M interconnect is available for purchase from their website and they also sell on the audio asylum website. This is their entry level interconnect and it sells for just under $20. The interconnect is made from Klotz My206 microphone cable. It uses 2 core stranded bare copper plus cotton tracers, twisted. The rca connectors are made by Neutrik-Rean. The cables are also directional, so connect them with great caution. The strengths of this cable are; a pure and neutral sound with a fairly open and lively quality.

Reference discs:

Freddie Hubbard: Blue Spirits, Track 5 and 6.
The best of Wang Chung: Track 5.
Blue Note Trip Maestro: Birds Beats, Track 13.

Listening to the Freddie Hubbard selection i noticed good musicality and separation. The tone was good, but i felt like a little tonal color was missing. The sound was pure and neutral with a fairly open and lively character. The drums had good placement within the sound stage. On track 6 i notice a little bit of a "bouncy bass" character.

The Blue Note trip maestro cd has an interesting song on it, sung by Nicola Conte. The first time i listened to this song i thought to myself, "this would make a perfect theme song for a James Bond movie". I noticed pretty good clarity and neutrality on the vocals. The piano had good accuracy and i noticed a good sense of rhythm.

To check out how the bass fared, i put on a bass-ridden selection from Wang Chung. On this track i noticed tube-like
percussion. The bass was punchy with good density. The song ends with a thunderous bass that packs a good wallop.

Whether or not the mfspdesigns interconnect is going to make you "plotz", depends on where you are coming from. If you are accustomed to playing with $200 interconnects, you probably won't get too excited about it. However, for under $20 it offers excellent value for the money. I noticed a slightly diminished bass and lack of tonal color, otherwise it is a very nice interconnect. Recommended!

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