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I just upgraded my TSM-MM to the TSM-MMM. I have had them back less than a week and I am very impressed by the upgrade.I really enjoyed my TSM-MM but I got the upgrade bug about 1 month ago so I called and talked to bobby at merlin and he suggested I upgrade my TSM-MM to the TSM-MMM and WOW am I glad he did.I have put only 5 hours on them since getting them back last week but they sound incredible.The bass is tighter the mids are more open and airy the soundstage is bigger and the highs are crisp.I was struck especially with how musical they are I could actually hear the reverberation from the strings on a guitar that I have never heard before.The only problem is they are so revealing they make me want to upgrade the rest of my system even more now.I like listening to Female vocals above all and little bits of Jazz and classical and some 80's rock.I would highly recommend these speaker to anyone looking for a pair of monitor speakers and especially to those with the TSM-MM already to upgrade to the TSM-MMM for a small fee for the great reward of a much better sound.

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oval 9 speaker cables
Harmonic tech interconnects
NAD 325 BEE cd player

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What physical change are there between the TSM-MM and TS-MMM?
I assume you are speaking about the move from the MMi to the MMM, correct? According to Bobby at Merlin, the only changes are the Cardas clear geometry cable being used in the internal harnesses, the jumpers and the rc's. He also said a full burn-in would require 100 hours after the upgrade. I have not sent mine in yet, but will probably do so shortly.
Linkster, your post makes sense since any TSM before and including the TSM-MMe cannot be upgraded any further as Merlin changed the cabinet material with the launch of the TSM-Mi. The TSM-MMM replaced the TSM-Mi, and you are correct, the difference between the 2 models is the Cardas clear cable being used.

I wish Merlin would goes back to their old system of model designation i.e. Generation 1..2..3 etc. Easier to remember which model preceded what.
linkster and brf,
from the mmi there would be a change in the wiring harnesses, jumpers and rc wiring to clear geometry cables.
for the mm, i would need to look at the tweeter face plate to see whether it conforms to present specs, the q circuit in the hf network to see if it is present spec and the woofer coating. we also clean the lead/old solder from all of the crossover parts and change the connecting rods on the terminals. then rewire with the clear gemotery cables.
the second is more complicated and more work.
brf, in response to your post above.
after doing a number of master mods to speakers earlier that the mm, i found the improvements too considerable to not offer them to anyone who owns merlin speakers. in essence the master mod improvments are too obvious to worry about the difference in sound between the latest cabinet and ealier versions. you will plainly hear what has been achieved even with the earliest of cabinet designs. so even a pair of the earliest tsms can be upgraded to the mmm version.
the names are easy to follow. m to mm to mme to mmi to mmm.
the mmm and mxm may be the last versions.

Bobby, thanks for the clarification.

That latest model designation reminds of the Campbell's soup song...Mmm Mmm Good.
never thought of that b.