Review: Merlin Music Systems TSM MMe Speaker

Category: Speakers

This review is for the Merlin TSM MMe lead free speaker.
Warning: this will be a shamelessly gushing review.
It is truly love! Every time I finish listening to a record I feel sad that I won't hear more until later.

My MMe's are by far the best speaker I've owned, and I've had many very good ones: Magnepans, Silverlines, Spicas, Vandersteens and Quads. But the Merlins are the first speakers I've had where I can truly hear everything that is going on in the music, presented with gorgeous tonality, perfect balance, just pure pleasure.

They are serious speakers, built with obvious love and care and incredible attention to ALL details. No hype.. they don't do any tricks or mind-blowing stunts, not much to show off to my wife or friends, just reproducing music with the greatest respect for all the frequency ranges and for the sense of wholeness, and with the listener's enjoyment always in mind.

But my favorite part is that now I can listen to just about anything. No more looking for records that will "sound good", everything in my collection is now available for listening, and sounding great! They are simply an easy speaker to listen to... that is their greatest attribute, and in my opinion, that is no small thing.

OK.. I'll stop gushing.. I just couldn't contain it after this last listening session. Every session is so special.

Thanks to Bobby for his inspired attention to the building of these speakers.


Product Strength: Tight full bass, perfectly balanced frequency range, gorgeous tonality, listener fatigue has suddenly become a non issue, the very essence of "musical"
Product Weakness: At this point, none.

Associated gear
Transcendent 15wpc OTL Amplifier
Accuphase E-202 used as Preamplifier
Nottingham Horizon SE Turntable
Grado Sonata cartridge

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