Review: McIntosh MCD-7000 CD Player

Category: Digital

This refined piece is typical Mac. Solidly built, functional (short on buttons by todays standards), and the rich, warm sound that all Mac is famous for. Even at almost 20 years old, I would match the the MCD-7000 against many of the sub $2000.00 units available today. The quickest way to desrcibe the sound is tube warmth, without the tubes. (Along those lines anyway.) Very good bass extension, detailed mids and airy highs. If you like grace with out graininess, even if your other components induce that listener fatiuge, the Mac will bring all your other components to a higher level.

Associated gear
Counter-Point SA-7, Carver TFM-40, Technics Turntable, Infinity RS Kappa-8

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I'll "second" that review! Most of the McIntosh MCD series CD players give the listener a more analog sound that's warm to the ears. I say "most" because I haven't listened to all of them yet.
Hello, just be sure to audition the MCD7007 if u can( or if someday you want to upgrade again). I think you will be thrilled by the sound. It's even warmer, punchier and huge sounding than the 7000. Listening fatigue just never occurs.
Good day to ya.