Review: McIntosh MC-7200 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I mainly listen to acoustic and electronic music. My favorite bands are Air, Badly Drawn Boy, and Kruder & Dorfmeister. I occasionally listen to jazz and folk too.

Musicality is one of my top priorities. I like resolution and detail too though. The sound has to be smooth and enjoyable for me to like it.

The MC7200 is a fantastic amplifier. I am very impressed with its resolution and detail. It is a more neutral amp than the MC2125 or MC7100 and has tremendous power reserves that deliver astounding bass performance. A fellow McIntosh employee told me this amp was specifically made by McIntosh to prove they were capable of making a detailed-sounding amp. This model has a huge power supply (even by Mc standards) and, I am told, better dynamics than the MC7270 and MC300. I auditioned a MC352 at length and found similar traits overall. For the used prices today, this amp is a real sleeper. The Odyssey didn't have as large a soundstage and seemed to make a lot more high-frequency noise which was distracting. I love my MC7200 and plan on keeping it another year, after which I plan on getting a MC402.

Associated gear
McIntosh C712 preamp
Classe CP-50
Sony C333ES CDP
JM Lab Electra 926
Paradigm Reference 100.2
MIT T2 and Nordost Solar Wind cables

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What is ther price for one of these, used in good condition
I have seen these for sale here on Audiogon for anywhere between $1200 and $1800. The later models have a wider front panel of 17.5" whereas the earlier versions were only 16". The later models are, of course, worth more.

Another one to consider in the same price range is the MC162. I really like this amp. It is the same amp as used in the MA6500 integrated, which is an excellent piece. The 162 is much newer than the 7200, has a more modern look, and might sound a bit faster and more detailed than the 7200.

The MC202 is also in this price range but is very laid back - too much so for my tastes and is moreso than the 7200 or 162. I would avoid it unless your system is quite forward and lightweight now.

never heard a Mac I did not like
I have a used McIntosh MC206 and I am sold on McIntosh quality. Buy used and the value almost stays the same on McIntosh gear.