Review: McIntosh MC-1201 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This amp is, by far and away, the finest amplifier I've ever used. Forget anything you've heard about tube amps blowing the sonic doors off solid state amps. The MC1201 is a statement to the world that fine, warm, rich sound can come from a solid state power amp.

Even at barely audible volumes, the richness of the music is heard quite clearly through the MC1201. Clear, crisp, clean lows, mids, and highs are effortless for this amplifier. The sound literally penetrates your body, and lets you *feel* the music as well as hear it.

The wealth of available energy in the amp's electronics allows for bursts of power up to 4,800 watts! Transient spikes are not a problem. Classical music crescendos are not a problem. Heavy metal rock and roll at full volume is not a problem. This amp can do no wrong.

The sound of the MC1201 is crystal clear, limitless, and effortless. I can't describe it any other way! McIntosh has provided the the most satisfying audio experience imaginable with this amplifier.

Associated gear
PREAMP: McIntosh C100 dual chassis
SPEAKERS: Tannoy Definition 900
SUBWOOFER: Sunfire True Subwoofer
CD: McIntosh MCD7009
TUNER: McIntosh MR85
Right on!!
Perhaps one of the reasons the MC-1201 sounds so good is that McIntosh and other high end amplifier manufacturers have conducted extensive listening tests that indicate that given similar circuit topologies and tolerance of parts (a higher power amplifier uses more components and must have even tighter tolerances), a higher power amplifier always sound better than a lower power one. Even when one is listening at very low levels. I concur with your enthusiasm and have found that the big solid state McIntoshes are amongst some of my favorite power amps. Not only do the McIntoshes do not offend in the highs, they do have great rhythm and pace. I find them very exciting to listen to music with. Remember the Mark Levinson brochures using the words, "Power and Majesty" to promote their amplifiers? Well, the big Macs certainly do have them!