Review: MBL 7008 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

My glowing review of my new Krell Resolution 3 speakers was rather terse. But I really am at a loss at how to describe the sound of my MBL 7008 since it is the only amp that I have paired with my Krell speakers. When I auditioned the Krells, they were hooked up to a Mcintosh MA2275 Tube Integrated Amp, and the resulting sound was great! But that relatively brief experience is not sufficient to fairly compare the McIntosh to the MBL.

I really like my MBL 7008. But first the disadvantages: It is quite expensive, the price having increased over the last six months to $7,480. MBL dealerships are far and few between. There are only 3 RCA (unbalanced) line-level inputs. That's enough for a CD, DVD, and a Tuner. There is also a balanced input, and an optional input that is covered over unless you pay $$ to have a phono input, 2nd balanced input, or 4th unbalanced input installed. In short, if you don't pay for an optional input, and you have no components with a balanced output, you will be restricted to only three components! (There is, however, in addition, the capability to bypass the amp section or bypass the pre-amp section; the processor bypass, to my understanding, allows the 7008 to be used as a power amp for two of the channels in a home theater set-up, while still preserving a regular two-channel set up.)

MBL speakers are known for their insensitivity. So this amp is designed to provide plenty of power and current. It will probably be a good match for many speakers. In my medium-sized listening room, this amp can provide my 4-ohm, 88dB Krell speakers with lease-breaking levels of sound. But it sounds so musical at any level! I like that it has a convenient headphone jack. What really sold me on this amp is the way it looks. It is one beautiful-looking piece of equipment!

Negative: Not many dealers, Expensive

Positive: Looks, Looks, Looks, Powerful & Musical

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