Review: Matix Platinum PAL 142 Interconnect

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Budget esoterica review magazine
January 2013 issue

In this month's issue , the budget esoterica team will be giving you a world premiere of a budget interconnect that will surely put stretch marks on your lederhosen. The Matix platinum PAL 142 interconnect is currently available at for the princely sum of under $10. The cable is available in many different lengths and comes in an attractive grey jacket with very snazzy connectors that look like they belong on a $100 interconnect. The cable is directional so make sure you put it on the correct way, or else your amp will explode.

The Matix interconnect is made from ultra conductive copper that is 99.99% oxygen free. Precise silver soldering is used to ensure accurate sound reproduction.
The heavy duty power grip hugs the connector firmly for optimum plug contact. All this technology is very impressive for an interconnect that sells for under $10.
My receptionist, sue, commented that the fit and finish was very good , and that she would like to hang it on her wall next to her Picasso replica.

Sue, larry , and i , drove to the listening studio and inserted the matix interconnect into our tube reference system consisting of the qinpu A-6000 MK II , a denon dvd player and the madisound vifa studio speakers. We were all so excited that we wrestled each other to get into the chair that had the sweet spot. Each of our staff chose a reference cd to review the interconnect and we would like to share our findings with you.

Larry had recently purchased a cd titled "impulsive!", unmixed and he chose track number six,"spanish rice", for this review. On this particular track you will notice good clarity to the vocals. The horns are sharp without being harsh, and the highs are solid and slightly metallic. Sue liked this track so much that she darted out from her chair and did the happy dance.

Flim and the BB's , neon cd is a regular staple at the listening studio and i chose track six to give the system a workout and see what the interconnect was capable of. On this track i noticed a solid , defined, and punchy bass. There is good sense of texture to the music, and the highs are glassy and thick. Larry made a very astute observation that the sound was fast with excellent attack of the instruments. Sue commented on the excellent pace and timing, while she was refilling our tortilla and salsa plates.

Larry recently discovered a little known John Coltrane cd titled "Bahia" , and told me to give a little shout out to all the jazz fans out there. Larry cued up track four, titled, "I'm a dreamer", and we all listened with a new found appreciation for the artist. This particular track has a very nice sense of rhythm and musicality. The trumpet has a blowy and forward sound. The upright bass is edgy with good detail. Sue commented that the sax has a slight glimpse of shaping and three-dimensionality.

Sue and i are big fans of Diana Krall, and her cd titled, "All for you", is one of our favorites. We listened to the song, "boulevard of broken dreams". The vocals sound very pure and are both refined and articulate. There is also a slight richness apparent and a very good conveyance of emotions and vocal range. The piano is strong and glassy. Percussion has a good sense of presence.


glassy highs
good depth
good width
organic sound
good texture


lacking a little tonal color
frequency extension could be better

Larry, sue, and i were very surprised to find an inexpensive interconnect that makes music without doing much harm. If you can't dig up 50 clams for a boutique interconnect , the matix platinum pal, might be a good alternative. Thank you for supporting the budget esoterica reference team, and we hope to see you soon.

Associated gear
Qinpu A-6000 MK II
white lightning moonshine speaker cable
Denon DVD-1920 dvd player
Madisound vifa studio speakers
Atacama speaker stands

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