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While revisiting the NSMT loudspeaker site, i noticed that the company is now selling a set of speaker cables that compliments the modified Lepai amp to a great extent. The MasterSource speaker cable is made from multi-strand OFC wire with a rope orientation. It is available in 4, 6 and 8 foot pairs and comes with your choice of bare silver soldered termination or terminated with gold-plated banana plugs. Prices run from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on length. For banana plug termination there is an extra charge of $14.95.
The MasterSource speaker cable makes for an excellent match with the NSMT modified Lepai amp, and that is how i will be reviewing it. The cables bring the NSMT Lepai amp that much closer to a tube amp. I noticed improved tonal color, increased dynamics, more of a metallic sound, as well as slight gains in purity and transparency. I will try to point out these strengths as well as others with my reference cd's.

If you are a fan of Miles Davis be sure to check out "seven steps to heaven". While listening to track number seven i heard very nice dynamics. The highs were slightly crisp with a little bit of a "metallic" quality. I heard a light golden tonal quality. The trumpet sounded just right; brassy, sharp and bold without going over the top. I also noted good bass slam to the drums. Resolution seems to be up a notch also. On track eight the details are easier to hear. This particular song has a very nice sense of presence and refinement.

While listening to The Doors debut album from 1967, on track number twelve i heard a juicy, colorful tube-like sound. I noticed increases in tonal color and also a more airy sound.
The vocals also seemed a little fuller with superior neutrality. The guitars sounded twangy and colorful. On track number eleven on the same cd you can hear the same vertical and horizontal openness that you hear with a good tube amp. The highs are approaching tube-like quality with a slight silvery sheen.

I love 80's music and i have discovered a band that i truly enjoy called Wang Chung. "Space Junk", is a catchy tune from the best of millennium collection. I was impressed with the dynamics and punchy bass while listening to this track. I might have noticed a slight increase in purity and transparency than what i am used to hearing. There was also a slight "rich" ambiance to the sound that i found appealing. The song was also very airy with slight to moderate depth.


very nice sense of body
a touch of richness
good housekeeping abilities - cleans up the music and puts it in the proper place.
excellent resolution
increased minute details
firmer grip on the woofers
very good dynamics
improved tonal color
more metallic sound

NSMT loudspeakers has come come out with another winner. The MasterSource loudspeaker cable is the perfect match for the NSMT modified Lepai amplifier. The improved tonal color, resolution and dynamics really show off what this little wonder amp is capable of. Recommended!

Associated gear
NSMT modified lepai amp
Jefferson Memorial t-amp stand
Denon DVD-1920
NVA soundcord interconnect
Madisound Vifa studio speakers
Atacama speaker stands

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