Review: Martin Logan Sequel Speaker

Category: Speakers

To get started I will say that as far as my music tastes go, I like all kinds of music. Mostly I listen to jazz at home with country and some rock thrown in. I really do listen to all types of music, from Pantera to Miles Davis. So I really look for a speaker that can do it all. So far I am happy with the Martin Logans. I have wanted them for quite some time and found an awesome deal. I have had these for about 4 months now, they replaced a set of hybrids I had made. My old ones didnt sound bad but I couldnt pass up the deal on these. The sound stage is one thing these have added! I would have to say these are pretty close to what would be the perfect speaker for me. The weakness that make me say they are pretty close is that they are just a bit to laid back. Horns sound hazy, not crisp and clear. This could be due to their age and I am planning on replacing the panels within the next month or so. Another thing that might be contributing is the speaker cables. They are 6 solid silver strands twisted. That to will be changing, just not as quick as the panels. Over all I dont think you can go wrong with these, that is if the wife will let you have them in the house! I have been quite luck so far, she has put up with some strange things. I would have to say though, if I had the money to spend on another set I would have to say I would like to have a set of the ReQuest or Sonus Faber Electa Amators. Those two I have listened to quite a bit and love the sound.

Associated gear
McIntosh MC2105, Marantz SR7000, Solid silver speaker cables, Audio Alchemy transport,

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