Review: Mark Levinson 38S

Category: Preamps

I picked this up June 2002 here on Audiogon. Wow. Lots of functionality. Software driven inputs (you can name them) balanced and standard rca's. Exceptional remote control. You can adjust the volume level in miniscule steps (super for listening at night. Very quite and neutral, it's just so quite. Works well with my Proceed CDP player and Carver M1.0t amp (will be upgrading amp-one step at a time). No phono. No head phone jack. The ac connection is not at the back of the unit but rather underneath in the center. Makes ac cable upgrades an issue (fat cables) you will need to add cones or some type or isolation feet, you will have to raise the preamp up to an acceptible level to accommodate the ac cord upgrade.Good value for the money (on the used market) I could never afford it new. One I will be keeping for many years (one day will have it upgraded to 380S status).
I would save for a no.32. totaly awesome!
Thanks: But it's a little out of reach unless I win the lotto.
Do the upgrade to the 380S. So worth it!!! You will have a top shelf preamp that is second to none in performance at anything under $10k. And the functionality, with the exception of no phono, is just right.
I agree completely with Hi. A #32 will sound better, but I haven't seen a used one for less than $9500.00 If you can swing the extra $ to upgrade your 38S to a 380S do it. Also, a headphone jack and a built in phono in this unit would really take away from the performance that your unit was design to do. There are so many fine phono units out there that I wouldn't want one built into my 380S. As far as headphones I'm more interested in hearing how Mark Levinson preamps are going to make my speakers sound than my headphones. Be proud of what you have, you got a world class preamp. Uriah
I have a 38S coming with no experience thus far. I would like to understand the upgrades before I spend the money as the 38S is supposed to be quite neutral. Thank You for taking your time here with any information. Don Golis AudioWorkshop.