Review: Marantz CD-67 se CD Player

Category: Digital

What can i say that hasn't been said. I was a little concerned about the "hype" but after auditioning one i had to have one!! The treble is smoothe and extremely detailed. Bass is just about right. The best player for under $500.00. bar none!!! I'm very happy with the build quality snd superb electronics. This player is better than the new budget players out there. If you can find one used as I did for around $300.00, buy it, you will not be disapointed !!!!!!!

Associated gear
ONIX A2150 power amp
ONIX P3000 pre amp
ADS 700's
Kimber ic's and speaker wire

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...somehow this player was ok by itself but did not impress me as a transport with pretty i'd say good dac that is now successfully used with monarchy dt40b dedicated transport which is certainly a big upgrade after cd67se. bass is far out to be tight and defined and i agree that you can't expect it from this unit to do more for the price offered.
I don't agree at all. I had one during one week, and compared it to a Muse Model 2 DAC (ok, 4 times more expensive). The Marantz didn't have deep bass, the soundstage was forward and fuzzy, details were absent, etc.
A big disappointment.
I 've owned 3 Cd-63 series players, the Cd-63, Cd-63 Se & Cd-67SE.

I must say they were all great inexpensive players for my various 2nd system duties, but my beef is that all 3 are in the retired shelves. They all suffered from tracking errors & 2/3 the cheap RCA's breaking contact in the right channel.

I have owned more then a few Cd players , some less expensive then the Cd-63 line ( NAD as one ) & I've never had such breakage.

My advice, buy one but expect 2-4 yrs. of play if you are a daily player of music. Best buy is a Original Planet. It's great & will last a decade for 300.00.