Review: Marantz CC-67 CD Player

Category: Digital

I had used a Rotel RCD-955AX in my system for a while, and then it started bugging out. I went to the local hi-fi shop and picked this unit up used for $125. I use a EAD DSP-1000 DAC with it, so I didn't bother listening at the store, just checked for functionality. And functionality is what makes me like this unit. The mechanics of it are great! The tray spins quickly to insert discs, everything goes smoothly and quietly. I've not been able to make this player screw up yet, despite frequent moving, tweaking, and heavy use. The internal DACs are slow and sloppy compared to the EAD, but sound better than the Rotel internals. The comparison isn't really fair, since the EAD is a dac only, and costs over 2x as much. It is a fairly warm sounding device, and replacing the power supply diodes really helps to open up the sound. I've been very happy with it as a transport, rollerblocks seem to be the best footer for it, improving imaging and transient speed.
It seems like it would fit nicely in the type of system whose price range is around 1-2k, where quite often a little warming of the CD is necessary. I couldn't recommend it as a high-end player, but it doesn't have a high-end price tag. It's full featured, having editing, fading, programming, level controls, and a cool, albeit dangerously small, remote. It serves as a great transport, doing the job quite nicely. It's display is really bright, which for me is a minus. Used, it's quite a steal, and new, I imagine it would be a good buy.

Associated gear
B&W DM 605 s2 loudspeakers
Acurus A-100 amp
Various preamps (Acurus, bottlehead, DIY)
EAD DSP-1000 dac
various tweaks, cables, and shelving

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