Review: Maple Audio Works Ambiance Interconnect

Category: Cables

The thing that struck me about theis interconnect is that, up until I auditioned it, the only cable that was able to convey the emotional impact of a piece of music was XLO's Signature interconnect. When I burned in and subsequently audioned the MAW Ambiance, it did exactly that, plus the hairs on the back of my head stood up on end, and chills went up and down my spine. FREAKY! Even better was the fact that the price was exactly half of the XLO - C$550 versus C$1100, and the product was made by a fellow Canadian. Pace and rhythm was delivered in spades. Transient attack was flawless, low level detail was stunning. Focus and soundstage was "you-are-there". I can't say enough about this cable. No wonder it won a 12 cable shootout against cables costing much more. Put this one on your short list of cables to audition. You won't be dissapointed.

Associated gear
Cary SLP50B preamp, Cary CAD50mk2 amps, Jolida JD100 cd player, Castle Durham 3 speakers, Maple Audio Ambiance speaker cable, PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, Panamax AC Regenerator (MAX5500), Ultralink and Maple Audio AC cables.

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As a dealer, I had the follwing stock on hand: XLO Signature, XLO Reference, XLO Ultra, Kimber Hero, AQ Diamondback, Gutwire Basic, Clarity Wires Moonlight, Clarity Wires Emberglow, Clarity Wire Harvest, Clarity Wires Foxfire, IXOS 1002, IXOS 1112, and Ultralink Audiophile mk2 and Ultima mk2.
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how would you describe the sonic signature of this cable? on the soft side (laid back)? or the opposite? or just in the there any bench test avalaible....
you can check out some of the info at Maple's website ( or cut and paste this link about the Ambiance cable.