Review: Machina dynamica Brilliant Pebbles Tweak

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As crazy as I thought these products would be, I have to state here loud and clear...


I started out with just the Clever Clocks.
I cant tell you how stupid I felt trying to explain to my wife the clocks advantages. It sort of confirmed my sickness in Audio and what a sucker I am. (At least to her, in her mind).

The clocks tightened the focus . So much, that I had to leave them in the system. Even though I could have sent them back for a refund.

Later, I bought some Large pebbles. These along with the clocks improved the bass definition.
So, I bought some X Large Pebbles, and some mini,and small.
I also put them on the 4 x 4 ceramic tables with cones underneath.
I know it sounds like the guy who is buying moon rocks.
My hair is also growing thicker and faster (just kidding)

But, each and every time I put more into the system it has improved the sound.

These items improve the tightmess, clairity, soundstage , bass response, all the good things in Audio. And you can adjust the effect just by moving them around the room.

I am not totally sure what these things are made of. I have heard they are subjected to large magnetic fields and I dont know if the effects last forever or not.

However, the price of admission is low, so give it a shot.
I think you would need 2-4 of the items to truly hear the difference and this will allow you to play with different positions in your room.

Don't think I am crazy , just open minded and happy.

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Are these posts for real? I am hearing tongue in cheek but I could be wrong.
Sc - I was wondering the same thing myself!!! For those that actually believe in the pebbles, how do you know where to put them? Do they look like anything other than beach rocks? Have you tried just using a mason jar full of regular beach rocks?
I also us Brilliant Pebbles under the hood of my car for improved harmonic balance, fewer tuneups, better gas mileage and improved bass in the car audio system.

(They will also keep milk from going bad, destroy computer viruses, kill fleas- if properly applied and keep your spouse from cheating)

Sorry guys- not buying it even without a trial run. The theory espoused on the website white paper is the minerals ability to absorb bad things (RF and unwanted distortion).
Two questions - how does it know what is unwanted? and since they are kept in reflective glass container how do they absorb anything?

The defense rests.
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i saw this earlier and wondered how the 'GoN would do with it.

if this was on the audioasylum on the General Forum there would have been 50 to 75 posts by now with all the objectivists saving the world for the 'Brilliant Pebbles' sheep. these products do provide much entertaining posturing.

i've heard enough unexplained acoustic phenomina and enough of Geoff Kait's stuff to give it the benefit of the doubt.