Review: M & K S-125 Speaker

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As you can see from the list of speakers, I have owned and listened to many speakers. I've gone from more of a stereo listener to a Home Theater buff. My ratio is probably 90/10 Movies/Music now. Aside from my list of speakers owned, I've also demo'd quite a few. I can honestly say the M&K's are the best hands down for home theater. The reason I prefer the S-125's and S-85's is that they are more musical than the THX speakers because of the cross-overs in them. When I'm not watching movies I'm listening to mostly Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal. If you like the blend of monitors with a subwoofer(in my case two subs) then the M&K's are the best for all types of music. Just to give you an idea of my dedication to M&K, I have sold my M&K's three times, bought other speakers and ended up going back to the M&K's. Also I'm using Rotel amps with them and they mate very well. I've used other amps with them and they seem to sound good with just about any amp, which is why I haven't (yet) upgraded my Rotels. Some amps that did sound good are: B&K, Bryston, Acurus, Carver, just to name some. When I tweek my system I like to watch "SPEED" were they are in the elevator shaft, "Terminator 2" the bar fight, "Desperato" the bar shoot-out, and my favorite is "Phenomenon" John Travolta is great. Hope this helps...Jeff
What else can I say other than, I don't go out to the movies anymore and spend the money on DVD's.

Associated gear
Lexicon DC-1, Rotel amps (RB-993,RB-990BX,RB-981), M&K surrounds- S-85's, Tice power conditioner, Toshiba DVD/CD SD-9200, Nordost Flatline(speaker) Solarwind(inter), Marantz TV. 54"

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