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M-CD Mat
Carbon CD Damper
Price $119.00
Date: 12/20/2008.


Electronic Tech Telemetry/Radars/GPS
Audio-Videophile. 30 years.

The Millennium CD Mat:

Based on our development results and success with the carbon LP mat, the introduction of our CD mat on the market was only a question of time. It is the only solution for most drive assemblies due to the minimum weight, small material thickness and impact. Resonance problems will be reliable minimized, and as a result the error compensation does not work hardly as usual. In fact, this is audible!
This only 0.3mm thick carbon mat provides more quiet in sound, clearly formed structures and more details. The whole sound is detached from the speakers like it should be. Increased dynamic and enhanced precision are the result. And, in addition, Carbon reduces static processes! Enter a new digital world, get best performance for DVD, too, as told by our customers.

Day 1

Well if Carbon reduces static then it must be doing something right, because the M-CD Mat was working its magic in my CD player. I sat there as Audi set the volume levels and switched the CD’s and dampers on all the music. Hey this was a lot a fun because all I had to do was take notes and listen to music. The other dampers were the herbies audio black-hole $2 and the SID CD model 14 $40.

The black-hole was fuller with good BASS. The SID was clean mean and sharp. The M-CD-Mat had it all and it should for $119.00. The first thing I noticed was all that stinky digital noise was completely gone. I said same old story, get rid of the noise and you will hear more music. And that’s what you hear with the M-CD-Mat just more music and less noise. All I know is, this is one damper that’s not leaving my CD transport.

Also let me say before you buy a new CD/DVD player, try the Millennium Mat first. I told Audi, your $100 dollar Sony DVD player almost sounds like my $1600 dollar Ref-Mod Oppo 981. That’s how clean and musical the Sony sounded with the M-CD-Mat.

The BASS was deep with very good low-level resolution. The MIDRANGE was big-time smooth and had that see through quality to it with a clean black background, almost like someone took an eraser and erased all the noise off the music. The center stage between the speakers was dead quiet, nothing but music floating. The TOP-END was detailed and open but not rolled off like some dampers just smooth sounding. This may be the best CD tweak I have tried so far and it can save you some bucks to boot I wish I had it before I sent in my Oppo for modifications.


One of the best CD dampers out there and looks good too. Try it on everything.

Awesome CD/DVD tweak that works
And comes with a nice case.


Bill Glenn

Associated gear

B&K 505. Krell kav-250. Classe cp-35. Ming-Da MC-7.
Ref-Mod Oppo 981. Chang 3200 PLC.
B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons. B&W-804’s.
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I just got one a couple of days ago and WOW, very nice improvement. It really helps the music just be in the room and get the speakers out of the way, if that makes any sense
get one, great $100 upgrade
I received my Millennium CD mat yesterday and I wrote, immediately, to Brian to tell him how pleased I was with this product. To my ears, there is more 'music' to hear and what is heard is cleaner with more of a sonic 'floor' if I can say that. The effect I'm hearing is clearer with no noise at all, and just more music if that makes any sense at all. This is a great product.
I am curious about this mat. How do you apply it to the CD? Does it stay on by itself or somehow adhere or 'stick' to the disc? Is there some kind of coating on it? Is the mat the same on both sides? Or is there a CD / non-CD side to it? Thanks.
You lay the mat on the cd. There are two different sides and the mat is placed text side up, black side down on the cd. The cd tray holds both cd and mat in place.

Hope this helps.
I've used the Millennium CD Mat with my Marantz CD-5003 and I did notice some slight difference is some details in the mids and highs.

Now a word of caution using the Millennium CD Mat with the Oppo BDP-83. I tried to use the Millennium CD Mat with a couple of Blu-Ray movies in the Oppo BDP-83 and I was having problems. The CD Mat would get lose or and move off the tray I think. The movies I was watching I would see issues with the picture freezing and then I'd hear weird noises from the tray of the BDP-83. When I would stop the movie and eject out the disc the CD Mat was mis-aligned.

I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.
Anyone care to respond to Jedinite24's problem with his CD mat with his Oppo? I was going to purchase a mat for my COP and BDP. Bt now I have reservations.
I've been using the Millenium CD Mat with the Oppo BDP-83 and haven't noticed any of the problems mentioned by Jedinite24.
Bump. Anyone else with the Oppo BDP-83 having issues or success with this disc? I was set to buy one for my Oppo BDP-83 until I read about the alignment problem.
Hi everyone

Sorry for not getting back to this thread earlier. I have some updates regarding the Millenium Carbon Fiber CD-Mat, my Oppo BDP-83, and the CD-Mat getting dislodged.

When I used the Oppo BDP-83 to play CDs and SACDs with the Millenium CD-Mat the CD-Mat NEVER got dislodged or mis-alligned. It only got mis-alligned when I was watching Blu-Ray movies. The last movie that the dislodging occured in was Rambo (2008 movie). I was using the ending action sequences to test out if I calibrated my HT speakers correctly. Nothing like bullets and loud explosions to test your HT rig. ;) This was when the dislodging occured as mentioned above.

For a while I did not use the CD Mat with the BDP-83. I then recieved an e-mail from a fellow A-goner Klassikalfan. He detailed a very simple yet in-expensive fix to my dilemma. Below is what he told me.

"I have a new Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition player - and use both the "original" Millennium Mat and a slightly better one made and given to me by a friend. Same carbon fiber, but .5mm thick instead of the MM's .3mm. Both are equally "revealing" in sonic quality - BUT - your concern about a sliding mat does have a simple answer, used by several of my mat-using friends.

Just get some Scotch Poster Tape - it is "removable" tape that's double-sided. Cut out three squares about 1/4-inch or so and press them into the "rough" side of the mat - the side touching the playing CD. Rub the tape in, then gently remove the paper on top. Now, whenever you put the mat on a disc it will "stick," but just enough to prevent sliding. Gently pull the mat off after playing. If the tape sticks to the CD you haven't rubbed it in enough on the Mat. After a month, the tape on my mats is still sticky enough to work just fine. A cheap and simple solution that really works.

When you get your Poster tape -be sure it is the REMOVABLE kind - there are two kinds, and one of them is permanent. The one I use says "removable" right on the side of the Scotch dispenser. Use three very small "dots" - each about a quarter inch across - and rub them into the rough side of the mat thoroughly, then peel off the paper."

It tested my patience following what Klassikalfan's tip but it was worth it. I've watched many movies since and haven't had an issue.

Now as for SQ improvements that were provided by the CD-Mat it was a toss-up to me. Some discs there was an audible improvement I heard in clarity others not so much. Either way I'm keeping it and may get another mat for my secondary system.

Anyway I owe a very big THANK YOU to Larry aka Klassikalfan for taking the time out to contact me and answer my questions. People like him keep me coming back here.
Nice mat but was soundly beaten with a mat made by George Lewis who also makes Ultra Platimum Plus. His mats can be used to fine tune any system, so you have more than one way of using his mats.

I hear more solid, open, and natural detail, much like using a good turntable mat or platter, all sound different so with Georges mat it kind of like switching phono cartriges, what is you flavor?