Review: LUXMAN DA-06 DA converter

Category: Digital

I like many types of music ,from Jazz,solo singers,instrumental,
rock& roll, new age,50-60s.
My loudspeakers are very Neutral as well as my amplifier being very natural and detailed the YG speakers require the voice that you give them .i have read stories where people blame the speaker ,the YG-have Mundorf Silver Gold oil capacitors and great build,and design the speakers give exactly what you voice them with. The a Berkeley dac very detailed
But to thin in my system,the Bryston dac very musical and warm in the dac1, model 2 more airy not as musical to me maybe a bitmore information
Then the bda-1 the Luxman was a much more of what I like very smooth,but still very detailed,will not give that last 1,000s of the cymbal
Fading away compared to say a DCS System, but in real life you are at
The mercy of who mixes the recordings,even live Many times a great
Performance is ruined by the person on the mixing board.i can tell You
For sure in my system I donot lack anything .i find the musicality Very involving ,even in the next room the piano sounds like a Piano
With voices -Magical Andre Boccelli with lesser dacs it sounds nice but no where near as is now an Event.the sound stage is Huge several feet outside the speaker as well as vertically ,the front to back layering
Rich and deep ,with excellent seperaion. Power cord matching makes a
Huge difference for a dac ,possibly more then the amplifier I tried 4-5 Very high quality,Wire Worlds new Silver Electra 7 filtering powercord
Was the ticket dead quiet backgrounds with excellent instrumental shadings . I had a guy from one of our Audio get togethers bring his MSB
Analog dac.i have heard before this with and without the $3k upgraded power supply.if I had $10k I may have bought that unit is was not quite as
Rich as the Luxman but still warm and a bit better inner detailed and at the extreme ,maybe. 2-3 % better?the standard analog $7k dac I heard at my house, I preferred the Luxman detail wise the Msb was perhaps a hair better ,on bass I preferred the fuller bass in the Luxman as well
As the captivating Very rich tones and inflection of voices
It is mesmerizing . I switched gears listening to Jethro Tull Xmas album
The flute still had it's bite but just more flesh on it's ,fast uptempo dynamic
And lively ,if you think this dac is a slow think again.played some
Brian Setzer rock a billy big band swing ,the house was a rockin!
The quickness,and fast guitar work was their in spades the Double bases
You can easilly hear the pair in tandum one slightly out in front of the other
And the slap and slide of the strings.
Playing someKraftwork-autobahn hearing the car rip around the corner you can feel the tires loosing traction, and when they start up the truck
That big throaty diesel is in the room everything but the exhaust .
Listening o Neil young 1970 acoustic album,the acoustic strings from the Martin Guitar was rich woody,and every inflection was there ,you are in the 3-4 row,and the piano not just hearing the notes but actually feeling the decay of Each key clear and pristine.what a great recording,like a dsd recording
Without the cost. In dsd I just had samplers,and one album Santana Abraxis which in dsd compared to my flac file was so much more involving
Similar to watching a dvd movie ,then to put in Avatar on Blue ray.
You wish everything was done this well ,the good thing is that the vault is slowly now offering dsd recordings, and the Luxman will handle even double 128 dsd . This dac weighs 24lbs,inside the layout was far superior
To mant companies even at 3x the cost.Luxman has been in business for almost 100 years now for a very good reason ,they know how to make music very well.I forgot to mention I owned the Ayon Skylla dac.what a disaster
It broke 2x and customerservice - tube USA Stunk,the unit with all 8 tubes
Just as warm and inviting,but the Luxman is better in every way .
I better detailed,faster,and more involving. In my system this is a
Match made in heaven.I could not be happier .i have seen a guy or two
Saying the NewCary tube dac being brothers friend brought it
Over over for an afternoon it was pretty decent but not in the same league as the Luxman . With this dac you can get in trouble,
My wife had a list of things to be done on Sat ,I said ok one more cd ,
10 CDs later the day just vanished,and BTW only have roughly 75 hours
On the 06. 3-400 hours is what any good dac takes for it is a small
Power signal ,after 150 hours or so it just gets more refined I am told.
If I am enjoying it this much already then in a month ,just think how many
Chores will get done .what else can I say I have been into Audio for 35 years owned a Hifi shop in Europe until 06,and spent more then a nice home on audio. Digital has finally flac and Wav files as well
As Dsd downloads ,and Hirez files totally eliminated the Turntable for me ,
Who needs the hassle.i just go to my IPad and my library is there .
I Went to Goodwins Hiend audio ,Paul is the digital guy.
I got a fair deal ,and excellent service.Luxman06-Excellent !!

Associated gear
YGAcoustics Carmel Loudspeakers,
JL Audio - E110 Subwoofers,Wireworld sub cable
Signal cable awg10 for subs.
Krell- S550I integrated amplifier,
MIT -HD23&36 system cables ?
Luxman D/A converter,Wireworld Silver Electra 7
Power cord, AuralitiPk-90 digital player,and their new Linear PS. Western Digital 2T HD,
Wireworld Platinum ,and Silver starlight digital cables,Signal cable Digital cable forAuraliti player.

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I had the Bryston bda-1&2 in my system Berkeley
-2, Meitner Ma-1 ,MSBAnalog dac
Sounds like the LUXMAN DA-06 has been your ticket to Audio Paradise, congratulations!
I am having a tough time choosing between the following:
1. Luxman DA-06
2. The Ayre QB-9 DSD (this being the cheapest)
3. The Chord Hugo TT (I already have the Chord HUGO and it sounds fantastic in my system, using single ended)
My Current System is Mac mini-DAC-Audio Research LS-27-ParasoundA21-Revel F208. Current DAC is Bel Canto DAC1.5.
The HUGO has got a fantastic control on the Revels, the lows are super tight and solidly controlled. However I use the HUGO as a portable and want a proper DAC for main system, Does the LUXMAN DA-06 have good control. I would be grateful if you can tell me more about the LUXMAN. I live in Mumbai, therefore impossible to audition. Please look at my choices and give me your opinion as to what you think should be a good buy, I listen to Jazz, Classic Rock and R&B most of the time.