Review: Lunious Audio Technology Allegro Digital Cable

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I have tried many digital interconnects in my system and without a doubt the cable that has provided the most consistent musical sound, balance and imaging sound stage has been Luminous Audio Technology's Allegro Digital Cable. Others like the XLO provide what appears to be extraordinary imaging but the tonal balance is off leaving one with the impression that the aural picture is incomplete some how lacking fidelity to the original performance all be it very appealing on first listening. Some cables had provided extraordinary detail which again appears to be a result of tonal balance rather than real detail. To say that the overall system has no impact on these impressions would be silly but after trying this cable in other systems with very different rooms and system components, those that have listened with me have also come to the same conclusions, the Luminous Audio Technology Allegro is neutral to a fault. Tonal balance is now the property of other associated components. "To a fault" - If your system is dull, grainy, harsh, bottom heavy etc. this cable will not fix it. On the other hand you may find that the ability to listen more accurately to associated components is a blessing allowing you to carefully match your choices now and in the future. This is an inexpensive cable and thus may suffer fromn the snob factor. If your interested in a great digital cable that performs on par with the very exotic (costly)then try this on for a spin. I think that you might be more than surprised at the results.

Associated gear
Classe CD1 transport
Couterpoint DA-10 D/A
Coda FetOne preamplifier
Adcom GA5800 amplifier
Magnepan TIVa Tympani speakers

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