Review: linn silver analogue Interconnect

Category: Cables

My musical tastes run the gamut, but I like to listen to SRV(Couldn't Stand the weather), Paul Simon(graceland), Eric Clapton (unplugged), Miles Davis(kind of blue), Albert Collins(coldsnap), Elton John(Capt Fantasic), when I am evaluating gear. I heard about these cables in Ultimate Audio Magazine, they mentioned them when they were reviewing the Klimax power amps. I ended up buying the raw cable and WBT's best connectors and silver solder and built them. I burned them in for about 100 hours they made a huge difference in dynamics, smoothness without losing impact, soundstage, singer's were put front and center without harshness (Julianna Baird - Greensleeves on the Dorian Label). These cables replaced the proprietary cables that came with the Linn pre-amp. I liked the silvers so much that I ended up replacing the interconnects between the pre-amp and amp. This made a huge improvement in the overall sound of the system. I had lost a similar Linn system in a divorce, but the source was an LP-12/Ittok/K-9, the sound was great but it lacked depth to the soundstage. When I rebuilt the system around the Karik, I noticed a similar problem. When I replaced the cables between the amp & pre-amp, I finally got to hear how good this system truly was.
These cables added several thousands of dollars worth of sound to this system, increased my enjoyment of it greatly, I have heard some truly great systems, and if you have priced the LK-1/LK280's online lately, with a $100 cable change you may be pleasantly blown away if you have a good source

Associated gear
Linn Karik, Linn LK-1/Dirak, LK-280, Linn K-400 speaker Cable, Energy 5.1e speakers w/ Totem Beaks