Review: Linar Preamp 2 Preamplifier

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What i'm looking in sound reproduction is life like music with a "darker" background as possible (hence details) and a as true as possible soundstage reproduction as possible. I hate expensive gear with no life and boring (or almost) to listen.

I bought the Linar 2 preamp with the Linar 150 in 4 channels configuration in order to bi-amp my BESL S5 full range speakers that i'm presently building (an other review will come soon...).
The kit is replacing my Copland CSA-28 hybride integrated amp.
The Linar gear is presently used on some small french
"Pierre Étienne Léon" monitors since a month now and the stereo image is realy top notch and incredible, the quietness in the background of the music is first class.
I enjoy listening to my music now more than ever, i even enjoy my cheep $100 Kenwood digital tuner now with this amp and preamp !
The Linar gear have much more life in the sound than the well known Copland CSA-28, it's much more powerfull, the bass have more weight and the pleasure to listen to music is increased a big step up.
I realy dont feel the need to search for a better amp and
preamp with this duo.
The remote control is a bit cheep looking but it's complete
and is working great.
I advise anybody looking for a top quality SS amp or preamp to listen to the Linar stuff, Mr Sima did a fantastic job (IMHO) !

Associated gear
Linar 150 in four channels
DVP-S9000es Sony SACD/DVD player
Pierre Etienne Léon monitor speakers
CAT5 speaker cables

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Thanks, L'roy -- I have considered buying this amp in the past, and there's not much info on them. I imagine that if one likes Simaudio, he'll like Linar. I'd love personally to audition one of these beauties sometime in el futuro.