Review: Linar Audio Model 250 Amplifier

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The Linar 250 is a fantastic amp. What first impressed me was the blue lit front display when I hit the power button. It looks as exotic as it sounds.
From the first CD I was totally impressed. This amp is very detailed, much more than others costing many thousands more. Almost every track I played brought forth new information that other expensive amps do not reveal. I could hear what true note decay was and all the other little sounds that bring performers much closer to you. Dynamics are second to none and soundstage is large and very precise.
It has tons of power and never breaks up no matter how hard you drive it. Listening fatigue is non-existent with this amp. I find myself always turning up the volume and going through tracks that I could not listen to before.
The music just seems more natural and flowing. I appreciate and enjoy much more of my music collection with this amp installed in my system. The best part is that it's not that expensive, since it's sold directly to the public via the manufacturer's website (, who by the way is Victor Sima, the founder of Sim Audio. I have heard and owned several other brands of amplifiers, but I can tell you that the Linar 250 power amp is going to be the only amp in my system for a very long time.

Associated gear
Sony CDP-X777ES
B&W DM3000 3-way speakers
Tice audio elite 4 line conditioner
Nordost Red Dawn interconnect
Nordost Blue heaven spkr cables
Custom made power cables

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Not sure if you are still active but I have a Linar 250 that needs a repair but I cannot find a circuit diagram.  Any suggestions?


sorry about my bad English.....

you can find the adress of Victor Sima on the net in Brossard, PQ (linar audio victor sima).

he make repair on all amplifier he made (sima, simaudio or linar).