Review: Liberty 12-2C-ZIP-CLR Speaker cable

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June 2014 summer bonus issue

Good inexpensive neutral speaker cable is not always easy to find. If you are looking to go down this path, Ram Electronics has your economy one way ticket to audio nirvana.
The Liberty 12-2C zip speaker cable is a very good quality 12 gauge high strand cable. It is available on the Ram website for only 28 cents per foot. The strengths of this speaker cable are; transparency, good tonal balance and a smooth sound with good sound stage width.

While listening to Al Stewart's cd titled, "Time Passages", on track number 5 i noticed smooth and neutral vocals. The steel guitar work is very clean and "steely". The music is pure with a good sense of musical flow. The sound stage has very good width. The highs are airy and solid.

I love live jazz recordings and Lou Donaldson's, "The Scorpion", live at the cadillac club is one of my favorites. On the Alligator boogaloo song the highs are solid and thick. The organ has good tonal color. The horns have a little bit of a vibrant sound with slight definition.
Overall, the presentation is colorful and lively. I noticed a little bit more of a sense of body with Liberty cables than what i am used to.

Peter Murphy is one of my favorite singers and i have two of his cd's that i really like. One of them is titled, "Deep".
On track number 7 i noticed a slightly punchy sound. The vocals are neutral and fairly easy to understand. The song is fairly clean and i noticed a slight depth to the recording. As an added bonus, listen to the last two tracks when you are in a rebellious mood.


nice sense of vocal presence
very good musicality
very good tonal balance
good transparency
good sound stage width
good sense of body.

I would like to challenge all audiophiles worldwide to find a better speaker cable than the liberty speaker cable for 28 cents a foot. If you find something better, i want to hear about it. This is a durable and flexible cable that is easy to work with and sounds very good. An excellent starter cable for sure!

Associated gear
Qinpu A-6000 MKII
Denon DVD-1920
Madisound vifa studio speakers
Kimber PBJ ic
Atacama speaker stands

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