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LessLoss Filtering Power Cable

It is rare after 15 years of trying power cords, interconnect and speaker wires that I lucked out to find a product that stopped me in my tracks and made me sit down and take notice right out of the box.

Back in 1982 I started to realize the value of good interconnect and speaker wire was way before MIT and Monster cable started to take off. The man back then was Randal McCarter who did the mod on Dahlquist DQ-10, which by the way was one of the few that really improved this speaker to the point that it could stand on its own today against some of the best out there within in the $8,000 plus price range.

Randy started to develop interconnects and speakers wires and due to his electronic engineering back ground he really put some thought into it, the wires were stiff as all get out, but the sound was an eye-opener. Once MIT and Monster hit the market with their advertisement dollars Randy could not longer compete and after a few years he through in the towel. His products by the way sounded better, was designed and truly researched and had a much higher built quality and materials.

As the cable and accessory market grew I went along for the ride, cable after cable, brand after brand, expensive and not so expensive. You name a major brand name cable and I tried it and even some home brewed cables from the mom and pop companies, you know the one’s who work out their garage as a side job and charge almost as much or more then the major manufacture, so sound quite good.

After 10 years I started to come to the conclusion that wires were a crap shoot at best, even reviews from reviewers are way down because you really don’t know how they are going to interact with one’s system. Then of course you get educated and you learn good is good, after that your chasing your tail, let’s be honest there is only so much a good cable can do, and what you want it to do is bring out the best in your system and not hinder the performance.

I had finally settled down and excepted the cables that I owned as being as good as it gets regardless if I switched them out, I could change the sound a bit, but I would not hear a significant improvement. By the way all of the last few I owned sounded real good.

Some of the Brands: MIT Oracle, Tara Lab the One, Harmonic Technology Magic and on, and most currently Shunyata Python & Andaconda power cords which I liked quite a bit though they were expensive but they brought out the best in my gear to that point.

Then one day I was looking over the Audiogon site and I saw the ad for Lessloss power cords and I was ready to keep going but I saw the info tab and click it and up came an 8 page PDF file on the design of this cable, well ereading cost me nothing so I printed out the information.

Not since Randy McCarter did anyone really explain the design of the cable and what improvement the cable would bring. I also read where Marty Dewulf enjoyed the cables and I have spoken to Marty several times during my years with Sony Electronics, and I have know him to be a honest and upfront guy and reviewer.

So my wheels in my head started to turn, and to be honest I was so happy with my system, but I figured I give them a try at $550.00 and order three of them for my system, after all I could sell the Shunyata’s and cover the expense of purchasing if I liked them, so I did.

I ordered the power cords and I received an email thanking me and telling me around 3 weeks. I said fine and waited. After 2-1/2 weeks the power cords arrived. I pulled them out and I was impressed with the built quality, I thought just maybe they will sound ok, if I don’t like them on my system and I use them on my plasma, DVD player etc.

So I plugged them up to my Marantz SA-7S1 CD/SACD player, McIntosh C200 preamp and the McIntosh MC402 amp and let them stay powered up for an hour and I then hit the play button and listened to “For Duke” (M&K Realtime recording) and started to walk away when the horn section went off and the solo started, I heard detail, speed and micro to micro swings in dynamics and overtones that I had not heard as easily before.

I went back to my listen chair and went to 6 & 7 and listen to the piano, drum and standup bass, the detail was as good as I have heard, but the over tones of the instruments came forth with ease and a flow that I had not heard before, did it make the Shunyata’s sound like crap? No, but the Lessloss were quieter, better extended in both directions and the dynamics swings were better, in fact my volume control was lower then it normally was when listening to the same disc and I switched the power cords a few times just to see if what I was hearing was right and the Lessloss was providing more current, reproducing less noise thus my system sounded louder with a ease to the reproduction.

Now mind you these were fresh out of packing, no time on them yet and they were better then the Shunyata’s at ½ to a ¼ of the price!!. In fact what these power cords were doing I had not heard before from any power cord to date, DCCA (home brew cord) or MIT Oracle, Shunyata’s etc.

I’ve had a month on them now and they have improved by opening up a bit, but that is it, my system images better, it’s focus is better due to the lowering of the noise floor, you can hear music that is just there in front of you out of a silent background.

Coral Music, stunned me, the power and swing of the voices, the number of voices that were now produced clearly with no blur to them, I no longer had to “listen hard” to hear the individual voices.

Male vocals superb, female voices superb, Piano reproduction when recorded well was like hearing the real thing.

Recording from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and current era take on their recording quality in stark relief.

There is no highlighting with this power cord, no bloating, no bass over hang or lack of mid-bass, highs extend forever, yet never hyped, smeared or in your face, they are just there and extend forever. Now mind you these cost $550.00 apiece not $2,000 or more. Less noise more music, less jitter from power supply noise, more natural reproduction from CD players, in fact some older cd’s now sound quite good, god knows how many good cd’s I may have traded away.

And even more important then money, they work exceeding well on preamps, amps, CD players and even my on my plasma TV.

They really lower the noise floor to the point of really considering the need for a line conditioner on any of my gear just like Lessloss white papers said, plug them directly into your wall” and you will hear what I am talking about, no more trade off’s that you have to make when using a line conditioner, your system comes into it’s own with these power cords.

Once in and while even someone jaded like myself gets a pleasant surprise, and the excitement comes back to what got me into this hobby in the first place, and that is the love of music, and the attempt to get my system to fool me once in and while and I think that sounds like the real thing.

The Lessloss power cords have taken my system to that level to the point that when I am listen to my system I feel relaxed knowing the system sounds “right” no thought of this could be better or that could be better, based on my experience with many, many power cords, I could pick that up in a second, keep in mind I had my Shunyata’s sitting right next to me to go back to, which I did just to give them another go. Same result, Lessloss was better top to bottom, imaging, and less noise totally from my whole system without the loss of dynamics or the slight veiling.

This IS the power cord to own, but order enough for your whole setup, once you insert even one of your power cords back into the mix you will hear your system take a step backwards (only when compared to what you just heard) and again I not saying it will sound bad, it just these power cords are just that good.

My Marantz SA-7S1 was an eye opener and for the past 8 months I have never thought about another CD player, that was a first for me in the digital world, when I got the McIntosh’s I felt the same, they cost much less then the gear I had owned in the past, yet sounded better and I never thought I own McIntosh that was “old school” Levinson, Krell, Rowland, ARC, C.J. etc was where it was at, the McIntosh gear taught me a thing or two.

The Lessloss power cord now enters into that club, it’s the best, cost far less and takes your gear to the level that you will say, I can now appreciate what I paid all this money for, your system will be as good as it can get, that what we strive for and these power cords will bring out the best your gear can be.

On a rating of 1-10 these would be a 20 (consider the cost also), you’re done chasing your tail, you start enjoying your system and the music it reproduces. That is the best compliment I can give these power cords. I no longer even think about another power cord or change of gear, I want more music and I will be out shopping quite shortly, nice to spend money on the music and not on equipment/cable changes over and over again.

You will be doing yourself a disservice by not trying these power cords, Martin Dewulf was right; these are “the new king of the hill”.


Mr. B

Associated gear
Marantz SA-7S1 CD/SACD player, McIntosh C200 preamp and MC402 Amp. Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers.

Similar products
Some of the Brands: MIT Oracle, Tara Lab the One, Harmonic Technology Magic and on, and most currently Shunyata Python & Andaconda power cords
Thanks for the review of these cords. That's 4 positive reviews here on the 'gon. I think I'm going to give them a shot!
Impressive review, thanks Mr. B, I'll have to look into these cords. One question, now when you describe them sounding louder, that you were able to turn your volume level down, do you mean more forward sounding? How is soundstage depth?

By sounding louder, I believe Mr. B want to say the system is more dynamic.

I can back up Mr. B comments about the LessLoss, I have 7 LessLoss AC cord in my system. Even better, got them when LessLoss offered a promotion at 250$ last summer.

I was going to get some Nordost Valhalla to replaced my Nordost Vishnu and Kimber Palladian (amp). But I took a chance. The thing that won me over is the Oyaide parts used with the cable. Just the plugs are worth 150$.

The best moved I ever made (and the huge saving I did by not getting the Valhalla).
I recently heard these cables in my system when Liudas from Less Loss stopped by and visited me Monday on his US tour(I think he heads home on the 19th). Prior to the visit I just purchased on Audiogon a used Less Loss 2004 DAC Mk II/CEC TL-51X (slaved to DAC) combo and have been very impressed. I currently use a Stealth Dream Digital PC on the DAC and a Stealth M5000 on the transport. We swapped in two Less LossPCs for the Stealth and I was immediately struck by the lower noise floor. In a short audition I could not say whether overall the Less Loss PCs were better than the Stealth, but I liked what I heard and given the price difference I'll probably be selling the Stealth and getting a couple Less Loss PCs.

Now if you really want to hear something amazing, listen to what the new Less Loss PLC will do to the noise floor of your system. Liudas brought a prototype with him and when we hooked that up to my system the sonic improvement was quite evident.

The volume is lower because there is more dynamics, no way is this cable forward. I just orderd 3 more power cords for my A/V gear.

This are a stupid bargin for results achieved. Your gear will be at its best when these power cords are used throughout your system.

Mr. B
Can we really believe everything we read???????
What can be gained from reviewing a product???????
I see my company is labeled home brew...possibly working out of a garge??????
Why do we label everything??????
Mr. B, I noticed your pc ad that you were so delighted to receive one of my Reference Master pc's from Santa. Santa is now building DCCA Audio power cords it would appear??????
Don DCCA Audio

Lessloss is a better cord. Santa had a list and checked it twice, and DCCA was taken off the list. Lessloss all the way thanks to my loving wife.

Nothing wrong with DCCA, Lessloss sounds better, much, much easier to work with, better connectors, and value for the money.

Do not attack me; I spent good money buying your products. I said nothing negative about your products, the Reference etc.

I tried something new and as I said I was pleasantly surprised and I have sold all my other power cords that included your cords.

It great to find a product that works so well and on all of my equipment including, my Plasma TV, DVD, Sub-Woofer, CD Player, Preamp, Amp and Line Conditioners.

What can I say but the truth and I have 20 plus years of trying many products, yours only being one of the many that I spent my money on with no regrets.

Music sounds right with Lessloss, it sounds balanced, with no spot lighting and no power cable I have heard as been able not to leave a sonic finger print.

Please don't attack one of your past customers, it makes you look bad.

Mr. B
At least be honest Mr. B. You have an ad, selling a DCCA cord. I looked at the ad yesterday when Don posted his reply. Your ad definitely said that Santa brought you a new DCCA Refence Master power cord. You used "brought" in the past tense. This ad was posted after Christmas. Now you are implying that Santa changed his mind and didn't bring the DCCA cord, after the fact that you said he did bring you the cord for Christmas. It sounds very shady indeed, especially now that you have changed your ad and took out the part about Santa and the DCCA Reference Master. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm......
When you change your words and then jump on Don as if to say "how dare he attack me", it only brings into question your integrity. It almost smells like you have an agenda.

FWIW, I have no agenda. I've never tried LessLoss cords. I have tried DCCA cords. I thought Don's cords were a good value, but not great cords. They were too stiff for my applications too. I no longer own any DCCA cords. I always found Don to be a straight shooter though. That's why I checked your ad after his reply. He spoke the truth.

FWIW, I have no problem with you enjoying LessLoss power cords. However, if indeed your claim of over 20 years in this hobby is true, surely you must understand about system synergy and personal tastes. It's very fortunate that you found power cords that make you happy and save you money. This is always a good thing. That doesn't make them universal though. I've heard cords and cables sound great in one system, and well not so great in another system. I have heard cords that others liked that I did not, and vice versa. FWIW, I have 30 years in this hobby, not that it means anything.

The LessLoss cords do still intrigue me, but not enough to try one new. I have two reasons for this, first, they are a silver clad copper design. I have tried two silver clad copper designs previously, one less expensive than LessLoss (Audio Horizons Transparency) and the other more expensive (Nordost Valhalla/Brahma). Both were stunning demo cables, but as time wore on they became fatiguing, and I found my listening sessions becoming shorter and shorter.

Secondly, the no money back guarantee prevents me. I have bought new cables/cords from small manufacturers before, but not without a money back guarantee. Perhaps I may try one in the future if a money back guarantee is offered, or once they start showing up on the used market.


You don't know me so don't comment about my motives or me. My wife said she had a Christmas present for me and I was using DCCA at the time, so she was going to order the top of line for me as a future Christmas gift.

She went into my audio room to check on the model that I had and saw the new power cords and held off without telling me she did. That is until I told I was running an ad to sell my last DCCA. Thus my comment and reason for the change.

Don's reply to me was out of line period. I purchased several cords from him, I thought they were good and I kept them until I tried a few others. All more expensive, now the Lessloss is in my system and they are excellent.

When I ordered from him, he asked me to wait due to how busy he was on his day job and that he get them to me ASAP, I never had a problem with Don and making his cables after his normal job, that did not stop from making the purchase. I took the rest, with no money back guarantee.

I just moved on from his cords that is all. Don’s should send his cords into on the online sites for reviews, Stereophile and the rest, to be upset because I no longer use his power cords and think my opinion will impact his business then he should be in another line of work. Cords are brought and sold everyday.

You write a review to share and you get attracted for it, I never said they were universal cords that you quoted, without you trying them you no opinion, but they work darn well on everything they have been attached to.

I have tried power cords for 20 years and in that time these are some of the best I have owned, borrowed and friends brought over for me to listen.

Your agenda to defend Don is suspect, I never mentioned Don at all just gave a short list of SOME of the power cords that I used that I liked and respected a lot, I could have added several more to the list I had choose to.

The review is honest and correct and I will stand by it, try some you might be surprised. They are not showing up on the used market because no one as sold one yet, read other comments and they say just about the same as me. So what my agenda?

They (Lessloss) make DAC's also which as been well reviewed as well as there power cords; it is their main job and their full time job. I don't know anyone from the company, but so far they have been great, only issue is the long shipping time from overseas, but the wait is well worth.

Hope this reply ends the debate. Buy what you like and enjoy, it your system and your ears and in the end your dollars.

Hopefully you returned your cables to Don for a full refund due to them being to stiff for your system, been nice for you to have know of that issue in advance, mine almost broke the IEC’s and the wall outlet and that what got me to start looking. I understand his new one’s are more user friendly and that is a good thing.

Dropped $1,300 on 3 or 4 and let me know what you think, in fact you can write a review.


I did return the cord to Don for a full refund, thanks for your concern. My inability to do the same for the LessLoss cords is what prevents me from trying them. Have no fear though, they will show up on the used market. They always do, when the next 'flavor of the month' comes out. That is not a slap at LessLoss, that is just the nature of the audio business. There is always a hot new product just around the corner. Perhaps a year from now I will have all LessLoss cords and even agree with you, who knows what the future holds?

BTW, I still don't see how Don's reply was out of line. You did refer to his cord as a home brew cord. His first few may have had this appearance, just as the first LessLoss cords may have had this appearance. New companies often have amatuer looks while developing. The two DCCA cords that I had in no way looked 'home brewed'. You also did claim in your ad that you were selling a DCCA power cord because you had received a new DCCA Reference Master power cord. Now it looks as if you never did receive that cord. Don's reaction was based on what you wrote. I would say his reaction would be out of line if what you wrote in your ad was not the truth. I did not find it out of line, perhaps it was a communication breakdown though.

As I said previously, I am glad that you are enjoying the LessLoss cords. It's always fun to save money while improving your system.

By home brew/mom and pop was not a put down just they were not from major manufactures. I have tried all types of power cords some made at home from names we all would know. This is not a put down but a fact.

I have some that the connectors bent after insertion into the way where the weight of the cable pulled them out or the IEC and male plugs did not fit tight after a few time reconnecting them. All cost more then the Lessloss by the way.

My point is not to put anyone down just to let others know there is a great product out there at a fair price that performs as good as anything I have tired in 20 years time and cost less to boot.

As for built quality the connectors at both end are superb, you can go to the Lessloss site my clicking on the info tab on the ad.

Again, I have no sake in Lessloss, I paid full price for the power cords and like I said I was not sure I would like them but after reading about them I decided to take a chance.

I also will mention that I said more then once the power cords mentioned were good sounding power cords, not that rest sounded like crap, but the Lessloss design was just better. After 20 years of listening to many power cords my search is over, these are about as good as it gets when compared to all the brands I have tried.

If this is helpful to someone by sharing or who is just starting off then I am happy that my experience has been helpful to them and I have saved them some money.

I spend a lot on cables, hopefully I can save some others some of there hard earned money in the process.

By the way per my wife Santa was bring me some top of the line power cords that would be replacing my one meter sets on my amp and line conditioner, problem is I am still waiting on them! but I do have an extra power cord to sell that I have no equipment to hook it up to.

I have heard from several philes who have the cords also am are as excited about them as I am, they have posted also some have not. All have thanked me for taking the time to share experience and that makes me talking the time to write about it worth while.

Mr. B
Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate your review, and sharing your experiences. I'm sure that for many the information is very helpful.

Thanks again,
I absolutely, positively agree with Mr.B(phillyb)on what he says about Lessloss powercables. They are amazing, and IMHO without peer. They have allowed my equipment to perform to their potential and as a result I am now finally enjoying my music for the music, and no longer scheming about what else I can inject into my system to make it sound "right". I am now able to just immerse myself into the sounds and textures of whatever I'm listening to, and have been exceedingly gratified! I originally purchased 3 p/c's, and I admit to being a little paranoid about sending $$$ to Lithuania. But Luidas was ALWAYS available to answer my emails and to send updates during the manufacturing process. After hearing the results with the initial 3 cables, I just had to get 2 more to complete the Lessloss power equation with my equipment. Transportation was originally with USPS, and was soooo sloooow. Whereas now it is 2 day delivery by UPS...SWEET! Mind you, this is JUST my opinion and recommendation...I just had to chime in on these p/c's because I am now musically satiated, and thought perhaps someone else would like to hear something positive on these cables. My gear is: Accustic Arts CD Drive 1, dCS Purcell Upsampler, dCS DAC, Portal Audio Paladin Amps, Zu Druid M-4's, Wegrzyn Silver XLR i/c's, Revelation Audio s/c's.

I just compared LessLoss to DCCA Ref Master (on my power amp). Lessloss gives a more detailed picture with blacker background. But DCCA is smoother. When using the LessLoss I get pain in my ears: this is also the case when I put it on my Accustic Arts transport. Since I don't like to have pain in my ears (they are very sensitive, I know), I will probably keep the DCCA and will sell the LessLoss.


Mattheus: I've had the Lessloss and the DCCA Reference Master too. Power cable performance is generally system and component dependent. I've never seen the Lessloss described as fatiguing or painful to the ears. Forgiving, yes, but not fatiguing. Rather unique to your setup, I'd think.
Mr. B

Thanks for the review that begs the following questions:

1) Can you get them in Canada or the US?
2) It seems that they come in only 2m runs and I have 3m requirement for one of the two I would like to buy. Can you point me in the right direction?
3) I see you referenced the Harmonic Tech Magic...I have their Fantasy line on only 2 components and am fairly happy with them. Are there any words you would use to describe the difference in your setup between the Magic and the Lessloss?

Many thanks again,

I been using the Lessloss now for several months and I still am amazed at their performance and for the money even at the current price a steal.

My friend came by with the Kimber Paladin PK10 (I had also owned them and enjoyed them) rated highy by TAS and was HP reference for years.

Once we inserted the Kimber throughout, let the system run for a few while we went out to eat and then came back shut it down and settled in for the evening.

Hit the play button and listened, with in 30 seconds I said where did the magic go? sounds like your listening to a recording the life is gone south.

We continued to pull cd after cd and play tracks that we both knew by heart, even my friend said the live feel is missing, though I must say the Kimber sounded good, but nt in the same ball park as the Lessloss.

We shut down the system and ran around putting the Lessloss back in powered the system back up, hit play again and our jaws dropped, night and day improvement in all areas.

Sometimes you don't know how good something is until you take it out try something else and then go back. I think we get used to a sound and no longer hear the huge improvements.

We also tried a few Pythons VX and non-VX to see if the old mix and match might bring something special we included the Kimber also.

So that took a few more hours of listen and in the end we were back to the Lessloss throughout.

This cable in special, it is not dark, bright, or bloated sounding. It works great on all gear and priced fair for the performance offered. In fact it was cheaper even at the current price then the power cords that we a/b against by hundreds of dollars.

I'm done with the power cords search. Now I am focusing on my room I have some echo busters coming and ARS panels. So I am looking forward to putting the final part of my system in place and that is my room.

Oyaide Tunami GPX power cords are so superior to the Lessloss power cords in my system that it's ridiculous. At $320/ea, the Tunami are also a far better value.
Enjoy your power cords glad you found something you like.

I am done with power cords. I heard to many over 20 years and these are as good as any of them and better than most. They have no downside to them on any gear I have tried them on and I might add several other systems besides mine.

I heard they keep getting better even after 400 hours on them. I hope to find out down the road a spell.
11-13-08: Phillyb
Enjoy your power cords glad you found something you like.

I am done with power cords. I heard to many over 20 years and these are as good as any of them and better than most. They have no downside to them on any gear I have tried them on and I might add several other systems besides mine.
That's great feeling isn't it!