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I am writing a review about a cable I discovered on Audiogon earlier this summer.

I wanted to try a new cable with my Equi=Tech 1.5Q. I was using a Nordost Vishnu with it and the rest of my AC cords in my system were also Nordost Vishnu with the exception of the Kimber Kable Palladian I was using on my hybrid amplifier.

There was an introductory offer of $250 for the LessLoss AC cord posted on Audiogon and I said why not give it a try. The thing that sold me was the Oyaide parts that LessLoss was using with the cable.


The cable looks great and is well made. No issues with me.


I did not have any idea how this cable would be in my system. I won't go in detail on the music I played and here is the list to give you an idea. The music I used is the following:

Dave Matthews Band - Crash
Al DiMeola - Kiss my Axe
Antonio Forcione - Tears of Joy
Charlie Bryd - Blue bird
Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World
Doug MacLeod - You can't take my blues
Ronnie Earl- Now my Soul
Diana Krall - Stepping Out
Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue

Well, how do I start...? What a surprise when I first played something with the cable on the Equi=Tech. I was expecting a change (no always positive changes from past experience). But this was like listening to a new system.

This cable brought more dynamic, lower noise floor and details. And I was asking myself how could this be at this price?

The Nordost Valhalla gave me a good result but nothing like this LessLoss. And the Valhalla cost 10X (5X for the 550$ list price of the LessLoss) more than what I paid for the LessLoss.

It did listen to the cable in my system for a couple weeks and the result was always the same. You know, sometime a new product brings euphoria the first couple days to finally go way. But here, I am still amaze by the result.

How impress I was? Impress enough to sell all my cables and order 6 more LessLoss cord.

If someone plan to get an AC cord costing 500$ or more, maybe they should give a try to this cable. It works well in my system and I am looking forward to have a full LessLoss AC cord set up.

The only regret was not buying more cord when it was at 250$. Even at 550$, it is a great buy.

But again, any cable performance depends of the synergy it has with the electronics.

I will probably put another review with a full set of LessLoss.

PS I am not a professional writer and this is my second language.

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I now use the Lessloss power cords on all my components except one. I agree about the lower noise floor. That was the characteristic I noticed immediately.
Which component do you not use it on? Amps?
I don't use it on the preamp, although it works well there too. I simply have five components and four Lessloss cords, so my lone Purist Dominus goes where it's most effective, which at this moment is on the preamp.
Having just purchased a used CEC TL-51X/Less Loss 2004 DAC combo here on Audiogon, I learned that Liudas from Less Loss was here in the US doing a tour to promote some products. He stopped by to visit with me yesterday and we spent 2 hours listening to my system with the newly purchased combo up and running. We swapped in his power cords for the Stealth Dream Digital and M5000 PCs that were on the DAC and transport respectively. I immediately noticed a lower noise floor and slightly tighter bass. More impressive though was the new PLC prototype that Liudas inserted in my system. Just when you thought the noise floor couldn't get any lower, it did. Sound stage deepened and widened a bit as well, and detail improved.

These guys develop some nice products and it was a pleasure to meet and spend time with Liudas. I plan on getting the PCs and perhaps the PLC. Also, the digital combo is the best I ever heard (not that I've heard them all, but I have heard some good ones), especially in my system.