Review: LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power cord

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First of all my musical taste varies greatly and to my opinion good gear and cables should sound good with every type of music.
I have only listened the LessLoss power cord for a few days now but I can safely say that is the best I've used so far. It seems it imparts little or rather no character so it sounds more like real music, that's of importance to me. And with improvement over other cables I used in dynamics, extension, openess & air, bass slam and definition, transparency with black background, fine resolution and rhythm-pace, or flow you could say. Most importantly naturalness and realism. My amplifier feels like it can breathe and express freely, in terms of power, soundstage and detail expression. Feels more alive. Also I didn't notice any exaggerations or sugary sound with lack of extension. It's a great match for my Nuforce amp. I only have one pc for now so if I get some more to try on my powerstrip and other components I'll hear more of it's potential.
Other power cables I've tried/had are also excellent in most of the aspects I mentioned but this one seems to me the most complete and most transparent with no apparent weaknesses. I haven't tried 1000$+ power cables so I don't know how it compares with those.

Enjoy the music

Associated gear
NuForce IA-7 V2 amp
B&W 805S with Synergistic Tesla X4 biwire speaker cable.
Pioneer stable platter cd with Musical Fidelity dac.
Nirvana interlink
SSC pucks and Isonode feet.
Isotek Orion filter with dedicated ac group.

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Are these commercial reviews?
Hello, Mattheus,

I ask that all reviews remain completely honest and independent of renumeration of any kind. People are purchasing the LessLoss power cords at rebate presently but are in no way obliged to post their findings. Nobody polices anything anyone writes here and believe me, please, that nothing is going on 'behind the scenes' either. It is nice for the community to see peoples' findings but there is no pressure from my side for anyone to do this.

Liudas (Louis)
Let me start my review of Lessloss PC by saying that I am a true believer in the effect that power cables have on my system. I experimented with a few different brands before settling on Shunyata. I loved what my Taipan Helix cords did for the overall sound of my rig, so much so that I went for their Altair innerconnects and Hydra power conditioner. In addition, I am using Dark Field cable lifters... which I highly recommend. I was thinking of upgrading to Python PC's when Lessloss came out with their offer. ($350.00 including shipping and Paypal) The design concept of their cable seemed to make sense and the price was more than fair. The cable arrived from Lithuania in two days, which is amazing! I replaced the Shunyata Taipan Helix that fed my Rowland integrated amp with the Lessloss. Right off the bat, I knew this cord was special. It increased low level details and made the soundstage much deeper. The midrange was very clear and more natural sounding, the bass response tighter and cleaner. In other words, everything improved more than I expected. To get this level of improvement, I think you would have to move up to the Shunyata Anaconda's. After having the Lessloss for one week, it has gotten even better. I definitely will be getting more soon!
More than a year has passed since I bought my first Lessloss and now I have 2 of them. And since then I moved on to a Musical Fidelity A5 cd player and some other tweaks and improvements and my opinion of the Lessloss cord remains the same. It has to be one of the finest. But because is very honest and has it's own kind of sound it has to be matched properly, just like other good cables. In the meantime one other cord that I found rather special and comparable to Lessloss in the things I like (mainly naturalness and realism that results from transparency) is from Verastarr, the silver reference. I didn't have the chance to try their more expensive cables yet. But this one sounds great on my cd player. It's also a matter of trying out and mixing and matching up sometimes. Not all components respond the same to a certain cable. And there are more variables to consider for the end result, like ac group cable, plugs and sockets, powerstrips, resonance control, ICs and SCs and so on.

I must also mention that nowadays I have Virtual Dynamics David ac cord feeding my power strip which I find also great. Synergistic research master coupler remains on my AV receiver and subwoofer and give great result with films. So I don't swear to one cable brand if somebody gets that impression.