Review: Lessloss Dynamic Filtering Power cable Power cord

Category: Cables

I took Liudas up on his offer to try one of his power cables at the special price, let it settle in for a few days (It's been one week for me) and then write a review.

I installed the cable where I thought it would have the greatest effect, which is between a 20 amp dedicated circuit and the Dodd Isolation transfomer that feeds my entire system.

It replaced a very good silver plated copper cable.

Instantly, I heard a difference, but the difference was hard to quantify and was frankly a little confusing sonically, so great was the effect. I left the system on for a few hours and then came back to give a listen.

My take on the Lossless AC cord is much the same as you have read elsewhere, which is to say, it is an excellent power cord. Details in the music emerge that were already present, but now they were much easier to hear. This might be the rhythm guitar which you always knew was present in a recording, like in much of the Pete Townshend's music on The Who's Quadrophenia, but now you could actually follow it, if you wish. This occurs, with no increase in brightness and in fact, the high frequencies are so much cleaner sounding.

A great product that at the current price is a bargain, if $350 for an AC cord can be called a bargain by most. I will purchase two more of them and that's as good a review as I can give.

Associated gear
ModWright LS36.5 Dual Mono
Dodd 120's
Marantz SC-7S1
Daedalus Audio Ulysses
SOTA Cosmos SeriesIII, Origin Live Illustrious, Denon 103
ModWright SWP 9.0SE
Dodd 1500 watt Isolation Transformer
Empirical Design IC's and speaker cables.
RS Audio, Marigo, Lessloss power cables