Review: Lessloss Dynamic Filtering Power Cable

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I listen primarily to Jazz, some classical, and the music I grew up on (e.g., Motown).

To test components I use SACD versions of Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue', Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong's legendary 1956 collaboration, Jacintha's first three recordings, and Michael Jackson's Thriller; and CD's of the 'House of Flying Daggers' soundtrack, and Regina Carter's disc where she plays the legendary Guarneri violin "Il Canone", among others.

For me natural tonality and freedom from any sort of haze, veiling or electronic signature are most important. I am not as concerned with precise placement of instruments in a soundstage, although my system excels in this area. Though relatively inexpensive the mix of components I have sounds like music with good recordings. The Cerious loudspeaker cables are fabulous - much better than the interconnects, and have bested everything else I've tried when used with the HT and VdH interconnects.

If you've seen the Dagoggo and Positive Feedback reviews you know that the fully tricked out Modwright version of the Sony 9100ES is world class with the premium NOS tubes. It requires two AC cords - one for the player itself which houses the transport, and another for the separate power supply. Only the best cords extract the full potential of this player. One problem is that a heavy or overly stiff cord on the transport alters its balance on the Seismic Sink. After trying many cords I settled on the Kubala-Sosna Emotion AC cords, which were superior to everything else I tried on the transport and power supply, except that they were also too heavy for the Seismic Sink. I bought my first Lessloss AC cord out of curiosity, and tried it on the transport to see if it was light and flexible enough to let the 9100ES balance properly on the Seismic Sink (it was). I was prepared for a decrease in sound quality compared with the KS Emotion, but to my surprise the Lessloss cord retained the superb tonality of the KS Emotion cord while improving the dynamics and bass reproduction. I was so impressed that I bought a 2nd Lessloss cord for the power supply and expereienced similar (though less dramatic) results.

When I saw Lessloss' special $350 promotional offer, I ordered a third AC cord for the Unico which I was still using with a KS Emotion cord. On the amp the Lessloss AC cord produced a blacker background and improved dynamics, again, without adding or subtracting anything else compared with the KS cord. Many of you have no doubt experienced a slight loss of dynamics and overall softening of the sound when plugging components into most power conditioners. With my system the Running Springs Jaco was the one power conditioner that did not do this.
I've witnessed the same effect with power cords - particularly Soundstring, Copper Reseaarch Labs, and Purist - less so (but still a little) with the KS Emotion. The Lessloss cords by comparison had the same effect as the Jaco - it allowed more of the music's dynamics and energy to come through without adding or subtracting anything else. I use only Lessloss AC cords now and was able to sell the much more expensive KS Emotion cords. Note that while the Lessloss cord improves with break-in the improvement in dynamics and bass are apparent right "out of the box". Highly recommended and a superb value.

Associated gear
Parts Connexion Level 2 modified Unico integrated amp w/Mullard CV 491 (1955) 12AU7's; Modwright Platinum Signature Truth modified Sony 9100ES CD/SACD player w/1950's Tung Sol 5687's, on Townshend Seismic Sink, and 1957 Phillips Miniwatt metal base 5AR4 in separate power supply; Opera SP2 and Ars Aures F1 monitor speakers; Cerious Technologies speaker calbes; HT Pro Silway III and Van den Hul Orchid interconnects; Running Springs Audio Jaco power conditioner. All AC cords now Lessloss.

Similar products
Have used Purist Audio, Kubala-Sosna Emotion, Harmonix, Harmonic Technology, and Cerious Technologies AC cords.
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I have had my Lessloss cable for about a week now! I posted an earlier review but it couldn't find it on the site. Anyway, the cable made a huge difference in my system which I would call entry level hi end home theater. I replaced the stock cable on my Denon 3808ci and immediately noticed a deafening silence with no background noises during pauses in movies or music. As the cord has broken in I can't believe I haven't done this soomer. I have already upgraded my IC's and speaker cables and figured this would be a minor improvement - boy was I wrong!

The service was also very speedy, I recieved the cable within 1-week of ordering.

Thank you for a great cable at a great price!