Review - Lessloss Dynamic Filtering power cable

This mini-review is basically keeping my end of bargain - Lessloss Cable special purchase of their power cord at reduced price ($350), in exchange for review on Audiogon - special is still running, BTW.

I received the cord a week ago, 3 days after the order, as was promised. Let me tell you right away that I don't think 3 days of burn-in, and especially 1 week for posting review, are nearly enough for really thorough evaluation, but these are conditions - and I don't have problem with that.

My usual approach when evaluating power cord is to replace each cord in the system with new one, looking for the place where it makes biggest positive impact (if any). Considering limited time, I decided to start with the place where I really thought cord needs upgrade - Bogdan Ghost on my computer transport.

I'm happy to report that there's definitely an improvement, mostly in high-frequency resolution and (to lesser extent) in bass impact. Ghost is very good cord, which displaced some more expensive cords on that particular position, but I always felt that high frequencies are a little bit too polite for my tastes. Lessloss cord fixes that, and not at the expense of smoothness, which I value.

I will continue evaluating Lessloss cord on all other components in my system (see below), but from what I heard so far, I can definitely recommend it to anybody looking for upgrade on digital source in this price range.

System (with cords):

Computer transport "a la cics" (not cMP) - Lessloss
PS Audio DL III DAC - BMI Whale Supreme
Proceed PRE - BMI Whale Supreme
Proceed HPA-2 - DCCA Eminence
KEF Reference 3.2

All components but amp are plugged into PS Audio UPC-200, with DCCA Extreme Reference cord on it. Interconnects - DCCA Passion Masters (analog) and Virtual Dynamics Master (digital).