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I have had two of the Signature version DFPC’s in my system for a while now and wanted to offer my feedback regarding these power cords. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer. I purchased the power cords after exchanging several emails with Louis Motek whom I found to be very helpful and genuinely passionate about audio. I should mention at this point why I felt the need to upgrade my existing power cords. I didn’t actually. What I was really addressing was power conditioning – or the lack thereof. I hadn’t had any active power conditioning in my system since I sold a BPT power conditioner a couple of years ago and since then, my only token nod to the AC issue was the purchase and installation of a Furutech copper wall receptacle. A dealer friend of mine who carries Synergistic Research got me thinking about power conditioning again recently and I suppose in order to pre-empt buying into the “system” approach with SR’s active power conditioner as well as power cables with extra cords and little boxes (transformers?) which also had to be plugged in somewhere, I decided to stick with some form of passive conditioning and so I started researching various products, including the DFPC’s, which I felt would better compliment my simple system, which I had no desire to over-complicate.

My System

As stated, I have a very simple system consisting of a JA Michell Orbe SE turntable with Origin Live Illustrious MK3 tonearm and Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua cartridge. Pre/power is by David Berning (Zotl One pre with built-in MC phono, ZH-270 SE power amplifier). The speakers are Peak Consult Incognito X on Stillpoint component stands. Cabling is Stereovox Reference series. I settled on the forgoing components after many years of listening and many different components. For me, my “average” room, and my listening tastes, I have assembled a system which I enjoy the sound of very much, and which is quite detailed, accurate, neutral and in my opinion, natural in its presentation.


I listen primarily to 50’s and 60’s jazz as well as some classical music, 60’s and 70’s vintage rock and blues.

Initial Impressions

Since the turntable power supply has a captive power cord, I was able to refit my whole system with only two DFPC’s. The DFPC’s were purchased to replace DIY power cords made from Neotech NEP-3001 and Oyaide Tunami wire terminated with Oyaide P-046 and P-079 plugs, respectively, which in turn had replaced Chris VenHaus’ commendable Flavor 4 PC’s. On receiving them, I installed the DFPCs’, put on an LP (Coleman Hawkins, The Hawk Flies High) and sat down, prepared to be duly impressed. After all, the DFPC’s were reportedly quite good right out of the gate. Well not in my system! The sound was dull and veiled, and the music was nowhere to be heard. It sounded like Hank Jones was playing an electric piano and Oscar Pettiford a wash-tub bass. Buyer’s remorse immediately set in. After 100 hours or so of leaving the system on and running with a DVD player pressed into service for burn-in duty, the sound was only somewhat better. I then took the cords out of the system and using a coupling device purchased a few years ago, “ganged” the power cords together and plugged them into my desktop computer where they remained, with the computer running, for the better part of a week.

After Burn-In – Lasting Listening Impressions

The music has returned but the noise has not! With the additional burn in time the DFPC Signatures are now performing admirably. They are a perfect fit for my system: detailed, accurate, neutral and above all, natural sounding. They are evenly balanced from top to bottom with no frequency anomalies or false emphasis on any frequency or set of frequencies, so anyone looking to tailor the sound of their system with cabling should probably look elsewhere. As mentioned by others, the “PRAT” factor is also very high. In my system, the DFPC’s opened up the soundstage in both directions and clarified the sound, allowing me to hear even more of what was on a particular recording. They did this obviously, at least in part, by lowering the noise floor by a significant amount. Did they transform my system? Did I expect them to? No on both accounts. Did they improve the sound to a worthwhile degree? Definitely. They easily better the power cords I was using – and others I have had in my system over the past several years. Did I loose anything in the process? At first I thought maybe I had - a small amount of treble extension, a degree of emphasis on the leading edge of notes perhaps? After more listening sessions however, I am convinced that these things I lost were not part of the music but were instead, a bit of “sparkle” for lack of a better word. What was in fact lost was some noise and distortion, akin to what can sometimes pass as more “air” in a system that has tubes that are slightly micro-phonic. At least, that’s the way I interpret it.

Summing Up

In this often unjustifiably expensive hobby, it’s always a relief when your costly upgrade proves to have been worth the time, the risk and the expense. For me, in my system, the DFPC’s are easily worth it.

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Please excuse the run-on sentence near the end of the first section!
I would only add to Mikesmith's comments that very much the same can be said about the DFPC's effect on my electrostats(M-L Summits). Don't neglect your electrostats!
Yes, my reaction as well....almost...they robbed the leading edge as stated and do round off the extension...extension was livable. leading edge no. after a while found them uninvolving as a result. music without the leading edge does not work for me. obviously some can live with it, I couldn't..fortunately i borrowed them from an audiophile friend who was changing speakers and without tunes for awhile...fortunately beause lessloss does NOT have an unconditional NO COST guarantee. they charge restocking fees plus shipping plus paypal which is a total ripoff in my opinion, when most every mfr. has a 30 or 45 or longer trial with only return shipping charges if you dont like it. frankly, I think this stinks on a $1000 plus signature cable...
If a cable is worth it's salt then they should offer 100% money back!you just loose the shipping fee.
Yes, I agree with the complaints about the return policy. Although I liked the Lessloss room at the New York Audio Show last year, cabling is very system dependent in my experience. I recently switched speakers and electronics, and the interconnects and cords that worked so well previously don't work well in my new setup. Although I would like to try Lessloss power cords and a digital cable, a 15% "restocking/examination" fee on returned items is exorbitant, especially considering that the asking prices for Lessloss cables is pretty high.

Offer a standard direct-sales return policy, sign on The Cable Company as a dealer, or lose out to all the other internet-only manufacturers who offer a true risk-free trial period.
Actually, I stand corrected. The Cable Company is now a dealer for Lessloss cables.
Lessloss makes great products. Don't think just PC, there speaker wire and I.C.'s are 2nd to none.