Review: Lampizator LZ3, Gen 3 DA converter

Category: Digital

I received my LZ3, Gen 3 (two tube), last Monday night. The U.S. distributor, Goto Unit USA, had the run the unit for about 2 weeks so it was somewhat broken in when I received it. I have been running it pretty much 24/7 since that time. I have been using an Altis Reference tube output DAC for the last 8 years. So the LZ3 analog capabilities was not what impressed me as much as the significantly improved frequency extension, soundstage, resolution, and pace. Also, the LZ3’s ability to resolve complex passages of orchestral music was simply amazing. With the LZ3, all music has been more involving. I have a totally new music collection. Ming Su at Goto Unit indicated that the unit will continue to improve over the next 6 months and beyond, but I am already in audio heaven. I look forward to taking advantage of the higher resolution digital offerings in the near future.

Associated gear
Audio Note P4 monoblocks (circa 1995)
Supratek Chardonnay preamp
Altis CDTIII transport
Copland DRC 205 digital room correction
AER MKII single driver speakers mounted in rear-loaded enclosure
Tonian TL-R1 supertweeters
Zu Cable Method subwoofer
Art of Sound Tycus subwoofer
Sistrum Platform equipment stands
Virtual Dynamics Ultra Clear, Revelation Signature, and Master cables

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