Review: Krell Resolution 3 Monitor

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I've been living with my new Krell Resolution 3's for five months now. As I write this, I am boogying to Jeff Beck. The 6 Moons Audio reviewer said that firing up this speaker for the first time immediately put a smile on his face. I think that that is the very best way to sum up this speaker--they are involving!

Sound Anchor makes a 24" dedicated stand for the Resolution 3's, which I purchased from the same store as the speaker. An excellent decision--but I think that, at several hundred dollars, Sound Anchor should include a sheet of instructions and tips (you have to fit the spikes.) An e-mail to Sound Anchor elicited a prompt and helpful reply, however.

I set up the speakers in my 20' x 11' x 9'(h) room in front of the long wall, seven feet apart measured from center of tweeter. There is a 14.5" space between the wall and the back of the speaker. (Are you as confounded as me by reviews that don't state whether they are measuring from the back or front of the speaker when they tell you how far into the room the speaker is?) This puts my ears about 8.5' from the front of the speakers, which are toed in about 25 degrees.

I'm using an MBL 7008 integrated amplifier (200 deliciously musical watts into 4 ohms), a Rotel RCD 1072 CD player, Monster Cable M100i interconnect, and M2.4s biwire speaker cable. "Who's Next," deluxe edition, is on right now.

As to sound--the important thing--what can I say? I'm not a professional reviewer with experience with hundreds of products. I owned the Magnepan 1.5's for many happy years. (Sold in a move, and I'm not sure that Magnepans would match my present decor, and being in an apartment I wanted speakers off the floor. But I could be wrong and who knows, once you go Magnepan, maybe you end up back.) I auditioned two other speakers at this price: The Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor and the MBL 311 E. (The 311 E, in its least costly finish, is several hundred dollars cheaper, but this is almost made up by its more expensive dedicated stand.) To my ears, it was an easy choice: the 8" mid-bass woofer of the Krell imparted a weight to the bass that makes them boogie, and made me swing my head from side-to-side and tap my feet. This quality was missing from the other two.

I love these speakers. I mostly listen to classic rock, but I have all kinds of music in my collection. I think that no matter what you listen to, they will not disappoint. I had a musician friend of mine over, and we listened to Led Zeppelin LOUD. He said that they were the best speakers he's ever heard, only excepting two world-class mastering studios he's been to. Not bad for "bookshelf" speakers!!

Can't let this review go without mentioning the Krell's outstanding fit n'finish. They look great!

Associated gear
MBL 7008 Integrated Amp
Rotel RCD-1072 CD Player
Monster M1000i, 2.4s

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