Review: Krell Kid iPod Player

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The krell kid is an ipod player. The kid can be operated alone, or docked in the optional papa dock, a dedicated 150w power amplifier designed specifically by krell for use with the kid. The kid is designed to deliver maximum sonic performance from an ipod-device, and is the first of its kind to utilize the fully differential out-put of the internal dac of ipod-devices. Additional features include ipto-isolated digital connections between the ipod-device and the kid, and balanced differential class A circuitry. Ultra low noise volume control, with digitally-controlled analog bass and treble controls fine tune your listening experience. A full-function remote control makes operation flexible. Balanced and single-ended outputs, composite and s-video outputs, and an RS-232 control allow for a variety of connection options. I used the kid by itself with out the papa dock. The kid has a built in volume control so no need for a pre-amp. I have several ipod based systems, so i really wanted to find out how the kid compared. The kid is an ipod player, that uses the dac inside the ipod. Unlike the wadia i170 which does not have a dac but outputs the digital signal to an outboard dac. In order to play the krell you have to use an ipod. It is very important to load your ipod via apple lossess or wav for the very best sound. I have 2 ipod touch 32gb. one with my cds imported via apple lossess and the other with apple itunes plus. For my review of the krell kid i had it hooked up to my paradigm 40v2 active speakers. I also was using mit shotgun cables though out, made a big difference. Once i hooked up the kid i placed my ipod touch with apple lossess songs into the top slot of the kid. I was surprised on how good the sound was coming from the kid. The sound was so clear and the sound stage very wide. I also used my other ipod with only itunes plus music and i got to tell you it was good also. I could tell that the ipod with my cds imported via apple lossess sound better. The bass was tighter and sound stage better. Still i really liked the sound with the apple itunes plus. Now to compare i have a similar piece of gear i hooked up to my paradigms. The bel canto cd-2 now its a cd player with built in volume control. I hooked that up direct to my paradigms. The sound was very good however i thought the kid sounded better via apple lossess. I was not expecting the krell kid to sound so good at half the price of the bel canto cd-2. Just because something cost more doesnt mean its going to sound better. With the kid i have all my music collection at my finger tips, its so much better that way, you don't have to go fumbling though all your cds. I also compared the kid to the wadia i170/521 dac both were modded by great northern sound co. I hooked the wadia 521 dac strait to the paradigms. The wadia combo sounded better than the kid but remember i had the wadia 521 dac with gns mods hooked up to the wadia i170 thats about $9,000 dac. The wadia sound is dependent on the dac that you hook up to it. Back to the kid i really liked it so much that i have it hooked up to my paradigms now. I don't use my bel canto cd-2 anymore. The kid may be the new kid on the block but i really like listening to it.

Associated gear
Paradigm active 40v2

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You can click on my username Usarmyvet91 and see pics of the setup.
I'm getting a Krell Kid soon (long story). Is there a recommended ipod to use? I understand their are some with better internal dacs- which model and/or generation is best?
Yes go with the ipod touch for best sound. I just got my krell kid back from the upgrade company and its awesome. The bass is top notch and the sound stage is wide. Its now sounds better than my wadia 521/i170 ipod dac great northern sound mod gear. Once you listen to the upgrade company modded krell kid their is no going back to a cd player.
I couldnt find pictures of your modded Krell Kid. Can you help me find them?
You can't tell from the pic that it's been modded. The upgrade co sticker is on the back. I would have to take pics of the inside and compare to the stock.