Review: Kora Electronics Kora Hermes II DA converter

Category: Digital

I recently purchased a Kora Hermes II (DAC)from member Mikel51. I have to say I achieved my goal of having CD's sound more analog without losing any of the advantages of CD's. To me, CD's are so "quiet" and clear, but can sometimes sound a little sterile-depending on what other equipment you are using. I like the sound of vinyl, but hate the clicks and pops and I have to admit-the lack of being able to chose selections without getting up from my chair. (At least I'm honest) The Kora Hermes II DAC makes my CD's sound like vinyl and it is quick as lightening, has bass that rolls across the floor and a sound stage that's absolutely amazing! I'm extremely impressed. Also member Mikel51 was a pleasure to deal with. If you get a chance to hear, or better yet buy one, don't miss the opportunity.

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