Review: Klipsch RF-3 Speaker

Category: Speakers

I first heard the RB-5's used as monitors and was completely taken off guard. I did not realize the sound that properly constructed horn speakers were capable of. I decided to purchase a pair of RF-3's for my home theater system, and found a used pair of RB-5 for the rears, and a used RC-3 for the center. This system retired my Magnapan speakers for good.

Maggies are fine speakers, and do many things very well. However, the Klipsch in my listening room are alive, and I sometimes have to remind myself that the performers are not in the same room with me.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and the performance of the Klipsch paired with my equipment.

Associated gear
Marantz SR-19EX Receiver
Marantz MM 9000 Amp
Adcom GCD 700 CD
Klipsch RC-3 center, Klipsch RB-5 rears

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I have the RF-3 II's and like them quite a bit.They have a dynamic presentation and should be placed 8 to 12 feet apart and toed in. They have nice clear crisp highs and fast accurate bass. The midrange is covered on the high end by a horn tweeter and the low midrange is covered by the two 8 inch aluminum / ceramic anodized woofers.I listen to jazz, classical,pop,and rock.They sound good as they are but will probably sound even better when I upgrade to a tube amp.

Rotel RX 1050 receiver
Sony sacd/dvd/cd changer DVP-NC685v
Technics RS-TR232 tape deck
Kimber cable
I have these for over a year now.
Initially I did feel that they are too bright but once broken in and partnered with Warm equipment they play both Delicate and dynamic with equal aplomb. Although said to be more suited for Rock, I really enjoy a fair bit of Jazz and Classical as well as Vocals with them. Depending on the music they can really Rock you or move you emotionally

As with more speakers, system matching is important perhaps a bit more eg i tried plaaing Stravinsky with an Exposure Z140 Int amp on it and the highs were pretty sharp, but with Tube amps, Class A Amps the music is really smooth.

Their High sensitivity really makes them the "Made for each other" pair with any 10-30W class amps tubes or SS amps ...anything more would anyway Be too much
I partner them with a Sugden Class A amp, an NAD 421BEE cdp and goertz cables..
If you can, try to buy a RF-3II over the new RF-35. I've listened to them in a store next to each other and the old model seems to fill the room with sound. It made the RF-35 sound dull. Any salesman who sold both models would tell you the same thing. Seems like the old model has different drivers and is made in the USA. New model cost more and seems to be made in China. I've bought the older models recently. Have anyone had the same expereince?
All Klipsch speakers are made in Hope, Arkansas.
None are made in China!!!

All RF Klipsch models sound wonderful, amazing sound.