Review: Klipsch KG-4

Category: Speakers

My musical tastes are eclectic, ranging from Jazz, to Classic Rock to Classical. I look for a clean, clear and somewhat forward sound. Voice, strings, percussion are important. Laid back speakers are often not detailed enough for my taste.

I replaced the Infinity SM110's with a pair of KG-4's about 6 months ago. Immediate differences were notices as follows:

Klipsch seemed to handle high end (cymbals, flute, strings) with much more accruacy, much less "sizzle". I always thought the Infinity's were overly bright for my tastes. Vocals were much more present and forward, also to my liking. The sound became much more involving and lifelike. Bass on these speakers is rock solid. The speakers definately benefit from being pulled out from the wall by at least 12" or more, to give the rear-mounted passive radiator some breathing room.

This is not an overly analytical speaker. You will not likely hear the Nth degree of detail. However, it is smooth and can be sufficiently revealing if paired with good upstream equipment. I'd like to try it with a tube integrated amp at some point in the future.

If money and space were no object, I'd likely opt for the KG-4's progenitor: the Klipsch Corner horn. However, this speaker fills a role nicely in my second system.

Associated gear
Yamaha CA-810 Integrated Amp
Dual CS 502 Turntable, Grado Prstige Blue Cartridge
Denon DVD 1000

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When i first got into audio gear I had a pair of KG 4s. I had several sets from thier Heritage line . I listen to the same kind of music, I have had at least 15 sets of speakers all brand names . My personal taste B&W smooth tight clean an all around performer. I have matrix3 series 2. Half the fun is trying new gear.