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More of the same!
After eight months of thoroughly enjoying the KLEI gZero6 IC’s I became tempted to see if there is a significant improvement in their next model up, the gZero10 IC’s. Having been so besotted by the sheer value for money and performance of the gZero6’s, could the 10s be really worth the extra money?
If you go by looks alone you would say NO. They look exactly the same as the 6s other than the use of Absolute Harmony RCA’s in place of the Pure Harmony RCA’s on the 6s. Oh, and the little tag near the end of the RCA’s now reads Essence gZer0 10 instead of Essence gZero 6. Maybe the money has gone into improvements in sound rather than looks? Could this be a case of substance over style? Now that would make quite a change.
Burned in, I allowed the cables another few hours of settling in before doing any serious listening.
Now the heading of this little review says, ‘More of the same!’ That could of course be damning with faint praise. But that’s not what I meant.
More of the same means more of the qualities that the 6’s exhibited. An even more quiet background as music flows out of an even darker silence; more articulate and propulsive bass; more clarity and purity throughout the midrange and cleaner and more extended high frequencies. The imaging places the singers and instruments in an even more realistic three dimensional world, surrounded by more air and space.
Here we have even more resolution and transparency but still maintaining all the musicality we crave rather than the sterility that many super transparent cables create.
Now this all might sound like a night and day difference between the gZero10’s and their cheaper stablemate the gZero6’s. That’s not true. The gZero6’s are superb cables and what the 10’s do is give just some ‘more’ of the same. They are kindred spirits and you can tell that they come from the same family, just one is slightly more grown up and more mature.
Whether you think the extra money they cost is worth it, only you can tell. For my part they make a worthwhile improvement over the gZero6’s and I am willing to spend the extra money. And I did.
Highly recommended!

Please note: I have no commercial interest in KLEI.

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Vitus RI-100 Integrated
Magico S1
KLEI gZero6 Speaker Cables
Lessloss Original Power Cables
Padre - Welcome to the "gZero Club"!

Any thought about upgrading to the gZero20's :-)

And before you ask - "are they worth it" - I'll quote you...
"Whether you think the extra money they cost is worth it, only you can tell"

The gZero20's are, as you say, "more grown up and more mature" than even the gZero10's - with a fuller and more complete performance.

Superb detailing, extremely spacious, lightning fast and just as the other family members - very neutral and balanced.

I've been running them for a few months and am extremely happy with their performance. The seem to fill in the details between the performers.

Live orchestral pieces in particular, are the most like-like reproductions I've ever heard.

Padre_power, I have the gZero6 ICs and it sounds like the gZero10 ICs are definitely worth the extra money but as I only need one pair of ICs I have, as such, essentially decided to upgrade to the gZero20 ICs, for my next pair of ICs. I haven't done this yet but I will soon :)

Williewonka, I must say that the KLEI gZero ICs have been wonderful in my system. I now have the gZero6 ICs, gZero2D IC (digital/spdif), and the gZero6 SCs. They are very natural, very highly resolving, and very analogue sounding... very nice :)

The other thing that I find interesting is that our audio systems are all very different yet we are hearing very, very similar results. This is very confidence inspiring for me and the main reason that I am looking at the gZero20 ICs :)

Thank you for your posts, they have been very helpful :)
Yping - how long ago did you get the gZero6?

What colour band does it have under the white label?
- blue or purple?

Yping - KLEI have just announced upgrades to their existing IC line.

See KLEI gZero6/10/20 IC Upgrade

The improvements are very impressive

The new line has a purple sleeve under the lable

Willewonka, very impressive review. I have been saving and I am nearly ready to get the gZero20 ICs. Perfect timing :)

After reading those reviews I am very much looking forward to getting them... very impressive :)

It looks like even the gZero2 ICs are exceptional ICs and good value but the gZero20 ICs will replace my gZero6 ICs :)
Yping - I was very surprised at the amount of improvement the new gZEROs architecture made.

The biggest improvements across all models is the clarity and image. Although everything else improved also.

Interesting! The gZero6 ICs I have are wonderful and very nice ICs but it sounds like really good timing for me :)
Willewonka, what KLEI gZero ICs are you currently using and why do you like them...
I'm currently using
- the gZero20's for Analogue IC's
- the gZeros3D for SPDIF
- the gZero6 Speaker Cables
- The Absolute Harmony RCA plugs on my Audiomods tone-arm

Why am I using them? - they are the best products I've use to date and do not cost the equivalent of a small car.

I have a high-end store near by which gives me the opportunity to listen to come very high end components and cables. Some systems in the store exceed $200,000, having Siltech cables that sound amazing. The most outstanding attribute of systems like these is their ability to recreate the space and acoustic signature of live recording venues with outstanding clarity.

The KLE Innovations cables in my system has achieved a similar sense of the venue's unique acoustic signature and space, together with outstanding clarity and detailing for a fraction of the cost of component upgrades.

And as it turns out - my components are pretty darn good :-)

One of the more unique attributes of the KLEI cables is the gZero Architecture's ability to allow the components to operate more effectively/efficiently, by maintaining zero volts across the neutral side of all connected components.
This lowers the noise floor and significantly improves the details and clarity.

Adding one KLEI cable made a difference, using KLEI cables throughout the entire system made a significant impact.


Willewonka, thanks and pretty amazing and yes that is my experience with the gZero6 ICs/SCs and gZero2D spdif IC that I use on my squeezebox. Makes the squeezebox sound very analogue which I found and find quite amazing :)

That is the reason that I am going to replace my gZero6 ICs with gZero20 ICs and use the gZero6 ICs elsewhere ... looking forward to it :)
Are their ic more special than their speakers cable or both deserve praise? Thanx
Ad010685, I have the old gZero6 ICs and gZero6 SCs and I find them both to be fabulous although I plan to get the gZero20 ICs (pretty soon actually). Actually, I guess, to get the gZero20 ICs must mean that I am extremely impressed with the old gZero6 ICs, and it would appear that from reading about the recently updated gZero range that the new gZero2 ICs are nearly as good as my old gZero6 ICs which I find to be exceptional and very musical... hope that is helpful :)

It would appear that you can't go wrong with any of the gZero ICs or the gZero SCs and simply depends on your budget :)
Ad010685 - The difference between these cables and most all of their competition is in their internal architecture

Most cables have a neutral and signal conductor of the same length laying side by side in parallel - parallel conductors promote noise, i.e. induced noise from the signal conductor into the neutral conductor.

Having any noise in the neutral side of a circuit causes distortions across the entire frequency range, which is subsequently amplified to audible levels.

The architecture employed in the gZero cables is a paradigm shift, in that the neutral conductor is wound around the signal conductor.

1. providing an effective shield for the Signal conductor.
2. since the neutral is wound around the signal conductor, effectively crossing the signal conductor at close to 90 degrees, it prevents any noise from being induced into the neutral conductor from the signal conductor.

Yes - they are all hand built cables - They are not bulk cable with RCa's soldered on the ends!

Using either a gZero IC or a SC will achieve improvements in performance - but using both will achieve significantly more.

Add to this the superb performance of the KLEI Harmony RCA plugs/Bananas and you have cables capable of performing to an extreme level of fidelity.

When I first heard the revised gZero2 IC I could not believe this was an entry level IC - the only difference between the gZero2 and the gZero6 is with the 6's there is improvements in high frequencies. And it just gets better as you proceed up through the model range.

When I first received the gZero2 SC's I was very skeptical, since they are very skinny, i.e. for speaker cables - but they were simply amazing - I've since upgraded to the gZero6 SC's, which provide an even deeper, but extremely well controlled and very textured bass.

I have no affiliation to KLEI - except to promote what I consider to be excellent cables that, when compared to the competition, are reasonably priced

My system is modestly priced, but using these cables elevates it's performance to a whole new level

At the end of the review below there is some more info on the effect these cables have on a system

Hope this helped
Hey Willewonka, I have been able to borrow some gZero10 ICs to listen too, and wow, they sound wonderful! Beautifully balanced and wonderfully detailed. I have been listening to all my CD's again like they are new CD's. I wasn't expecting that much of an improvement over my older gZero6 ICs which I believe have been upgraded but wow, lovely, beautiful, and lets listen to another CD, are the words that are still lingering in my ears :)
Yping - the gzero20's provide even more details, but more important- they provide more clarity and superb venue acoustics.