Review: Kimber Select KS-1030 Interconnect

Category: Cables

This is the best interconnect I've ever used, but it's also the most expensive by far. Compared to Kimber PBJ, it resolves more information more sweetly and quietly. There is no aspect in which I've heard any of my DIY attempts or any other cables I've used beat this excellent interconnect. It is difficult to fill a review with praise, but as this is a much more costly cable than any I've used otherwise, and is overall much better, there isn't too much to say. It doesn't seem to be susceptible to the same issues as other cabling I've used. It is fast without sounding harsh, clean without sounding rolled off. And it should be, since it goes for a whole lot of money, If I remember correctly, it's $1200 for a meter. OUCH! I found it to be a huge improvement over PBJ (which kicks the pants off of all monster ICs I've used), and a fairly big improvement over the very good DIY cables I've made. Its biggest strength is in the rich tonal quality it allows, it really makes for a relaxing listening session without feeling like something is being hidden.

Associated gear
EAD DSP-1000
Marantz CC-67
B&W DM605 s2
Acurus RL-11
Acurus A100
Bottlehead Foreplay
DIY stuff

Similar products
Kimber PBJ
Low-end monster
Without a doubt a superb IC. Transparent, detailed, delicate and nuanced, stage-champ, awesome focus, tonality, top-to-bottom coherency and extension and that illusive and remarkable quality of resolving instrument and vocal tones with a natural color and texture that is exceedingly unique.
Burn-in can be torture, from my experience, 1000+ hours!
Other than that caveat, simply one of the best available.

peter jasz