Review: Kef 3 Reference Speaker

Category: Speakers

I am a music lover rather than stereophile.
So, I always spend money on the musical source such as CD, LP more than electornics gear.
I think all stereo equipments should be for playing
music. Someone tells me that the reasonable invest
on the stereo equipment should be as follows;

$10 * the number of music source(CD, LP) =
the total budget of stereo equipments that you own

My invest rule on choosing the stereo equipment is as follows;
40% on speaker
30% on CD digital & Analog player
20% on pre & power amp.
10% on cable & accessories.

I love the natural, delicate sound of KEF speaker.
It sings very well with my KRELL int. amp, especially
regarding piano, strings.

Associated gear
Int. Amp: Krell kav300i
CD Transport : Revox B22
DA/Jitter Reducer :
Alchemy DTIPRO32+DDE3.0 + PS2
Turntable : Rega Planar 3 + Shure V15 MR
Interconnect: AQ Lapis
Speaker Cable : AQ argent

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