Review: KCI Kool Cables Inc. Soundbolt Interconnect

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I took John up on his group buy of Kool Cables for ac members and ordered a pair of Sound Bolts from him with Eichmann Silver Bullets. With Kool Cables review in Stereo Mojo’s covering the high end Silk Worm’s I thought that I would do a little review of the other end of the Kool Cable line of products his Sound Bolt’s for those of us whose pockets are not quite so deep. The cables were waiting for me Saturday when I got home for work Yea!!! The appearance of the cables and workmen ship is very good with a neat and trim look which I like. They are nice and flexible which is good for me as there is not a lot of room behind my stereo rack for big heavy cables
I have a What I call I call an Audio Circle system either I bought from a dealer who has a circle on AC, AV123 Onix cd-3, Odyssey - Mono Extremes SE, Groneberg speaker cable (Klaus Bunge is a class act), Selah audio Tanzanite’s, or bought from a member of AC, Rogue Magnum 99. Pre. I even bought the plugs and wires for my power cords from DIYCABLE and VH audio and ACI. What can I say I like to spread my money around?
To evaluate these cables and any change in my system I used the same method I would use in changing a major component I grabbed a couple of my favorite CD’s and refreshed my memory by Listening these tracks, before changed the interconnects. I used the following tracks to discern any change to the system
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren, There is just a lot of layers to this song that are lost without good equipment
Dead can dance - Towards the within – Rakim
Cassandra Wilson - New moon Daughter - Death Letter. Was a tossup here between this and Nina Simone’s Put a little sugar in my bowl. As I love the vocal on both
Eagles – Hotel California - Hotel California
The Sound Bolts replaced the Interconnects between my CD player and pre. I will just say the cables I took out were a home brew using good parts Canare L-2T2S wire and Canare RCA’s and WBT silver solder. Now to the good part I found that the Sound Bolts in my system gave me dead quite sound floor that allowed the music to better flow thru the system. There was just that little extra, bells and symbols had a sharper faster attack. Vocals were just that little bit more dynamic with a new clarity that I had not noticed before. Being one of those guys that tends to think that a cable is a cable, and all the hype about this cable does this and is better than that is just some guys trying to justify spending all that money I was pleasantly surprised that Kool Cables “Sound Bolts” actually improved the sound of my system. For the money they are an outstanding value.


Associated gear
onix cd-3
Rogue Magnum 99
Odyssey Mono Extremms
Selah audio Tanzinites

Sorry if I missed this, thank you for your review and I'm very happy that you are enjoying your cables. It looks like to me you have assembled a darn nice system. I have a friend that has been eye-ballin one of those Rogue 99's, what do you think of yours so far(you can pm or email me that info if you like)?

Just an FYI, I just pulled your second set of cables off of the cooker this morning and will be shipping them to you this afternoon(Sept 24th), they should make it to you hopefully by Thurs or Friday. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Once again, thank you for your thoughtful review and your repeat business!!