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March 2015 Issue

To be or not to be: That is my interconnect: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of an interconnect that manipulates the sound and throws off the tonal balance, or to bask in the joy of an interconnect that serves up a pure and direkt tube-like sound, that is the question.

Richard Kabel

The German word for cable is Kabel and Direkt means direct in English. An apt title for an interconnect that is a cable and has a direct or pure approach to the sound. But that is not the only reason i am going to review this cable. For the price of under $10 you also get a tube-like sound, that, when used with the right amp and speakers, will fool you into thinking that you are listening to a tube amp. The KabelDirekt Pro series interconnect is available at for $9.49 at the one meter length. It is also available in larger sizes for not much more money. The cable is made from oxygen free copper lines with a double shielding. The full metal connectors are 24K gold plated.
My review system will consist of a vintage Akai amp and a pair of vintage Electrovoice speakers that use a 2 and a half inch peerless cone tweeter. For the source , i will be using a playstation performance package one planted on the Jefferson Memorial T-amp stand.

While listening to the title track of Sonny Rollins G-Man cd
i noticed tube-like highs, and surprisingly enough, the saxophone also had a little bit of a tube-like sound. The highs were clean and well controlled and the drums were tight sounding.

On the opening track of Miles Davis and the modern jazz giants i heard pretty good resolution. I could hear the noise from the analog tape recorder that was used to record the performance in the background. The vibes were definitely tube-like and even had a bit of "juiciness" to them. The separation of instruments was good and i noticed good transparency also.

The KabelDirekt cables also have good transparency and clarity in the mid range. I noticed this while listening to the final track on Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell. The vocals just sounded accurate and clear. Rhythm and timing was also good, but the bass was a little light. The horns sounded clean and sharp with good bite and pretty good smoothness.

For under $10 you can have an interconnect that is transparent, clean and reasonably smooth. The bass might be a little bit light but the quality is there nonetheless. If you pair these interconnects with the right amp and speakers
you might just be fooled into thinking you are listening to a tube-amp. I suggest you go Direktly to and buy yourself a pair.

Associated gear
Akai vintage integrated amp
Electrovoice vintage speakers
Playstation PP1
Ace Hardware speaker cable
Jefferson Memorial T-amp stand

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This is a very reasonably priced product, but a shameless ad nonetheless. It shouldn't be posted in the "Forum" section, it should be sent to advertising where it belongs.
The reviewer Honda6 has been posting reviews on all sorts of products for years. I don't think this is an ad.

To Honda6: How much break in time did you put into the KabelDirekt cable to get the sonic results you did?

I left the Akai amp powered on for at least a month, and i burned in the interconnects for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks for the question.