Review : KabelDirekt Pro Series AWG 14 Speaker Cable / KabelDirekt Banana Plug

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
November 2018 Issue

KabelDirekt Pro Series 14 AWG Speaker Cable / KabelDirekt Banana Plug

I am a big fan of KabelDirekt  cables. They make cables of excellent construction and excellent sound at very reasonable prices. I have had good luck with KabelDirekt interconnects and HDMI cables also. Today i will be reviewing the KabelDirekt speaker cables and matching banana plugs. The speaker cables use 14 gauge audio wire that is oxygen free 99.9% pure copper with polarity markings. It is available in 50 or 100 feet and sells for $19.61 and $32.99, respectively at The KabelDirekt banana plugs sell for $12.99 for a 5 pair pack. The banana plugs are some of the best machined plugs i have seen. I like them because there is no add on sleeve and they have polarity markings on the banana plug itself. They will fit 11-16 gauge speaker cable. When used with my solid state amp and preamp combination they made the system sound surprisingly tube-like. 

When listening to Night In Tunisia, The Very Best Of Dizzy Gillespie i noticed this tube-like characteristic. I compared it to my Monoprice tube system and the sound was more similar than different. To check for  bass and treble quality i listened to 3 faces by Millage Gillbert. I heard a transparent sound with good bass and treble. 

KabelDirekt has another couple of excellent products on their hands. The speaker cable is pure and transparent and the banana plugs are of very high quality also. Highly recommended. Now i wish they would come out with a high end power cord also. 

Associated Equipment

Parasound Zamp version 2 with Audiomagic Xstream power cord
Yamaha AVC-50 Preamp
Ixos and Ultralink stereo interconnects
Q Acoustics speakers
Energy Speaker Stands 
Onkyo DV-SP405 DVD Player