Review: JPS Labs Superconductor + Interconnect

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Want to qualify by saying that I am relitively new to higher end audio and have no reference set up and very limited experience demoing other equipment and product lines.
The Superconductor+ has been replaced by the more flexable fx series by JPS.
I really like this great cable and what it does for my system. There are a few aspects that could be improved upon even though they don't distract from the overall enjoyment in any way. Please keep in mind the budget mindedness of my associated components and thier +&- contributions to the overall sound.
The soundstage is wonderfully 3 dimensional but a little narrow and individual placement within that soundstage is also good,yet not always as precise as I would like(90/100). The stiffness of the cable can be a challenge during setup and possibly extra length is needed for some configurations(70/100).The bass is a bit slow, not quite right,though it is probably more an issue with my speakers(87/100).
What really makes this ic great is its transparency(94/100).It seems to allow a marriage between the dynamics & detail of the Sony and the warmth & musicality of the Jolida that is magical.The detail within an airy presentation allows a real presence of the music that is just so pleasing!
Overall I rate it 91/100.In my system it is a perfect fit and a real keeper(96/100).I even like it a little more than the equally excellent Silver Bullet 4.0.Its overall musicality makes it easy for the slight imperfections to disapear.
I highly recommend them for any system without any glaring weaknesses(they are revealing).Especially for the $150-200 that they sell for on the used market.

Associated gear
Jolida JD1501
Sony C333es
NAD 4155
Wharfedale EM97(don't laugh)
RHT Tubes
DH Labs Q10

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lampchord,AQ Diamond,JPS Ultraconductor.
Hi kudimagis I tend to agree with you that the jps super conductors are fabulous cables and believe to fully enjoy the full benefits of them depends on the system they are used in.I tend to favor them over the silver streak in every respect and might I add I am a kimber fan.Question how much break in time have you put on the jps?I love them and believe if my hearing is correct they image and do sound staging just as good as the ss.They are very detailed clear and more musical and neutral than the ss.My system comprises of a pair of cary 300b sig. a pair of omega grande 8 speakers a cal audio labs bx cd player a ps audio ulta link dac a volume box for controling volume.Cables include jps from my dac to volume box and mit original from my volume box to amps.Soon to be changed to jps superconductor.Regards