Review: JPS LABS Superconductor 2 Interconnect

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I am reviewing the JPS Labs Superconductor 2 interconnects even though they have been around for about 7 years because I believe they are still state of the art. I have about 100 hours on them which is enough to show their exceptional abilities. I use them between my CDP and preamp, also between preamp and amp. My previous ICs were Superconductor Fx, before that Cardas and Straight Wire. Please see my system for details. What I here is real music. The dynamics are outstanding, transients and decay wonderful. These cables give you a full sound with precise focused life sized imaging and a very 3 dimensional large sound stage. The midrange is liquid with rich harmonic timbre to the instruments. The highs are airy, smooth and extended. The bass is deep, tuneful and full.

Overall these cables are coherent, very neutral, nonfatiging, extremely transparent, and give music immediacy. They are exceptionally smooth with a natural uncolored warmth. The music is naturally rounded, but not artificially softened. Percussion is absolutely real sounding. Female voices are very pure. I particularly love opera and jazz both of which sound like "you are there". The various jazz artist can be much better distinguished as to the subtleties and naunces of there artistic portrayals.

I read 11 reviews on this cable on All of them agreed, these are 5/5 ICs. These interconnects at $700 a pair are often compared favorably with ICs 2 or more times the price!

These are heavy gauge wire, not flexible, but very shapeable. The shielding on these wires gives them a 120 db quietness which may still be near the record!

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