Review: Joseph Audio RM-25si sig Speaker

Category: Speakers

All i can say. I now know why you never see these being sold in the used market!!! From Zepplin to Mozart. Superb! They are replacing Apogee Mini Grands, for the time being only. I will never get rid of my Apogees! Those who know them, know why. Those that don,t. You have missed something special. The Josephs beat them in all but one way. Light airy delicate sound. But i didn,t expect them to. This is the area where the Apogee dominates. As many Dynamic speakers that i have owned through the years i can say this with the utmost confidence. The Josephs are strong in all areas, and weak in none! Maybe the lowest bass. But in my 16x13 dedicated listening room with 14 foot ceiligs. Plenty of bass! Yes if money were no object, iwould buy them. No question!!!

Associated gear
Pass two monos, PassX1 preamp,SonySCD1,VPI HW3, Sonic Frontiers phono one,Harmonic cables.

Similar products
I have owned a pair for three years now. I had listened to several touted brands that sounded fine, but not extraordinary. The Josephs stood out for me in their ability to disappear and to not sound like musical fire hoses hurling their sound at the listener. In that respect, the Josephs have always sounded more natural to me than the B&W, Totem or Audio Physic [sp?] that I had auditioned. The bottom end could use help and that's why I auditioned the DALI MS5. Nice speakers but there was nothing there that the Josephs don't have. They may have shown better had I listened to the two side by side but there are no startling advantages except a little low end. I am now instead researching subwoofers on the advice of Bob Visantainer at Rhapsody who sold me my Josephs. He thought that a true full range speaker may cause problems in my 13X16X9 listening room and, since I still love the sound of the Josephs, that seems like the common sense solution.